Experiencing BlueWater Day Movie Theater Spa

If you remember my post about BlueWater Day Spa as a perfect treat for your barkada, then BlueWater Day Spa is also a perfect gift for us bloggers! Last Wednesday February 18, I was one of the lucky bloggers who won at the BlueWater Day Spa Movie Theater Competition.

BlueWater Day Movie Theater Spa

BlueWater Day Spa, a Spa with Movie Theater, is located along Ortigas Avenue (near Greenhills Shopping Center). From the moment I enter the lobby, their staffs are obedient and all are young. Fruits and drinks were served before the Spa experience began.

Lace of Style and Relax

It was actually my first time to have a foot massage, and BlueWater Day Spa did not fail to satisfy my first time!

BlueWater Day Spa

After the tour, blogger were already excited to try the triple relaxation (Foot Massage + Back Massage + Movie). Their massage therapist then entered the theater, lined up and introduced their selves to us. Their uniform above all health services is unique, they look like a flight stewardess!

A nurse like me suffers a lot of leg discomfort because of 8-hour standing position in the hospital. This why Foot Spa with back massage is my favorite treatment at BlueWater Spa. Their foot massage which is approximately 30 minutes will give you an instant hours of sleep! For as low as Php550, the feeling of rejuvenation will be met. Bye bye leg discomfort.

BlueWater Day Movie Theater Spa

Massage is so far the best treatment for insomnia. Sleeping pills costs a lot! Why buy sleeping pills if you could afford the very natural way, massage! BlueWater Day Spa is best for you.

After the feeling of rejuvenation, I wonder what if I’ll tell my friends about this? Like me, my friends are also nurses. I’ll absolutely make them salivate how was my experience in BlueWater Spa Treatment that completely relaxed my legs and feet.

I experience BlueWater Spa for free, so I’ll treat my friends in BlueWater Spa too, for free! They’ll go for it because we’ve never bonded before in a Spa treatment!!

A big thanks to Tech Filipino and BlueWater Day Spa!

2/F BPI Greentop Condominium, Ortigas Avenue, San Juan, Metro Manila
724 0426 • 727 8420
0917 815 6659

Bloggers at their Expanded Roles as Actors

Jehzlau while on the shoot. Grasping for air to regain energy while drawing his master piece.
Kuya Bunso Film

Last year, Mica and I were talking about the script she made about Autism. She’s indeed serious in making her script into a film. She confess that she wants me to cast in her short film, since I have experience in numerous plays in school, I agreed to cast in her upcoming short film.

At first, I thought her plan is impossible because it will take a lot of time to finish a film even if it’s a short film. But Mica is an influential person, she has this kind of charisma that not every script writer have. It’s not hard to befriend with her, that’s probably the reason why her actors agreed immediately to her project. She’s being loved.

Jackie (Cai) hugs Jess (Jehzheel)
Kuya Bunso Film

It was nice to received an email from her that I am lined as one of her actress. Whow, actress! I played as Jam. There was no workshop done! We act on the camera on-the-spot! Whatta nice nice bloggers.

Mica assessing the blocking.
Kuya Bunso Film

There’s this second thing I am surprised. Even Sir Buddy Gancenia, Philippine Wedding video producer and editor, falls in Mica’s charisma level. Sir Buddy produces Philippine Wedding videos high quality and superb production. So if you’re planning to have your wedding in a video, Buddy Gancenia’s video wedding services is the best.

Bonding with Sir Buddy Gancenia
Kuya Bunso Film

Sir Buddy has long patience, even his assistant lightmen. It’s fun to work with him, he sometimes cracks jokes. I remember when we were talking about Jologs in Friendster, because jologs is the reason why people are now transferring to Facebook. Sir Buddy has both Facebook and Friendster account hehe.

Liz Buenaventura and Josh Liao sketching the plot and characterization
Kuya Bunso Film

These two Asian couple are the sweetest and simplest couple I ever met. Liz has a superb talent in drawing, as well as Josh. It’s nice to work with them. Check out Lizz’s portfolio. Be amazed too.

Mica and Maki
Kuya Bunso Film
Photo Credit: Luis Buenaventura

Maki Mica Mica Maki. Maki is a pretty girl who loves photography. During her stay, she thought me how to use Adobe Lightroom. It’s sad that she didn’t make it to portray the role of Rose, Jackie’s (Cai Abass) bestfriend. Instead, Mica replace her. Mica is an accidental actress.

The main characters, Jehzheel as Jess and Cai as Jackie.
Kuya Bunso Film

Cai is a very good actress while Jehz don’t need to act because it’s natural to him. I can say that Mica chose a perfect bloggers to portray the main characters.

Kuya Bunso FilmKuya Bunso Film
Kuya Bunso FilmKuya Bunso Film

Ed Arevalo is our rising actor of the year. From Uncle Ray, he became Kuya Ray. He did not give up the role, he’s a winner! Winston as Jackie’s boastful suitor, also did not give up absorbing Cai’s slap in about 5-6 takes! Poor swelling face but it was fun! I just drag Jhelo in our shooting place and see haha! He became Uno.

What so unbelievable with this project is that all who participates are bloggers including Sir Buddy!

This blogger’s film making is once in a life time and that made me never forget this experience, who knows there might be next filming, who knows this project might tap Marie Lou Diaz Abaya and other Indie Film directors, who knows Mica might be the next biggest and shining director in the movie industry. Who knows.

Adaphobic Featured in Nuffnang this February

Adaphobic is featured in Asia-Pacific First Blog Advertising Community Nuffnang! Why me? Simply I love Nuffnang.

Adaphobic Featured in Nuffnang

February is love month? Why I’m featured?! LOL hahaha! I’m loved! Read about me in Featured Page of Nuffnang.

Give Hope to Underpriviledge Kids

SAMSUNG brings hope to underprivileged kids with launch of New Philanthropic Initiative.

  • Samsung Hope pledges record US$700,000 to 21 children beneficiaries across Southeast Asia and Oceania.
  • Program aims to raise social awareness by empowering local communities to decide grant allocation.

Three deserving beneficiaries that have made significant contributions in addressing children’s issues were identified in each of the seven markets that Samsung operates in across the region. Information on the beneficiaries is uploaded on the Samsung Hope microsite (samsunghope.org), where everyone can support their favorite beneficiary by pledging to let hope take off. Each beneficiary will receive a base amount with an additional grant to be determined by the number of pledges it receives.

Samsung Hope

In the Philippines the Filipino community can on their personal capacity donate directly to the foundations if they so desire by using paypal or a card of their choice. This will also be available in the microsite.

The three local beneficiaries identified by Samsung Electronics Philippines are:

How can you help?

1. Visit samsunghope.org and Add your Pledge.
2. Click the red Arrow and look for Philippines.
3. Now Select which Foundation (beneficiaries) you want to give pledge.
4. Just follow where it takes you, until the balloon appears to carry your pledge.
5. Spread this blogpost.

By just voting which Foundation you want to give pledge, you are already helping. Spread the news and let more people help.

Join Samsung Hope Philippines in Facebook.

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