The 2nd Philippine International PyroMusical Competition – China and France

The 2nd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition opens at the SM Mall of Asia. This an annual event which showcases the never-before-seen fireworks. The event is held every Saturday from February 12 to March 12. I was invited last February 19, the battle between Portugal and UK, for VIP seat but I was in Boracay.

Fortunately when I got back to Manila, they still have slots! Special thanks to SM Mall of Asia and Melo.

France - Philippine International PyroMusical Competition
France fireworks

SM Mall of Asia Music Hall watching the PyroMusical

We arrived in SM Mall of Asia around 6:00 p.m. and the mall is already crowded with people just to see the battle of fireworks between China and France. The fireworks display started around 7:00 p.m. where China began to light the sky and I literally jumped when I saw the first few fireworks from them, though China’s fireworks wasn’t that photogenic, it was fantastic and amazing which appeared to synchronize well with the music.

China - Philippine International PyroMusical Competition

China - Philippine International PyroMusical Competition

China - Philippine International PyroMusical Competition

China - Philippine International PyroMusical Competition

China - Philippine International PyroMusical Competition

China - Philippine International PyroMusical Competition/p>
I can’t remember how long the fireworks lasted, maybe it was 10 to 15 minutes followed by a 30-minute break before showcasing France’s. France’s seemed to be photogenic than China.

France - Philippine International PyroMusical Competition

France - Philippine International PyroMusical Competition

France - Philippine International PyroMusical Competition

France - Philippine International PyroMusical Competition

France - Philippine International PyroMusical Competition

France - Philippine International PyroMusical Competition

I had fun watching and taking photos. Next Saturday, March 5, will be Canada and Japan. I hope you could see this breath-taking display of explosives too at 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. Seaside Boulevard, SM Mall of Asia.

Ticket Prices: VIP (w/ dinner) P1,500, VIP P500, Gold P200, and Silver P100. For more information visit

Photo and travel bloggers with their Media pass

Disclosure: This is a sponsored event.

La Terrasse Restaurant might be the next big thing in Palawan

We just discovered this awesome restaurant in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. This has got to be my new favorite restaurant here in the Philippines. The restaurant wasn’t built yet when we went to Puerto Princesa last April 2010, they just opened July 2010.

La Terrasse Restaurant

La Terrasse

I found this restaurant while reading restaurant reviews in Trip Advisor, I said to myself why not give it a try. Some locals are not familiar in this place. Even our hotel’s driver doesn’t know this restaurant, good thing is that the restaurant is easy to find in the stretch of Rizal Avenue.

Josh and I arrived nearly seven in the evening and there are few people eating. The attendant immediately gave us a warm welcome and we chose to sit somewhere in front of the bar where a large flat TV screen located playing a high definition video of wonders of the ocean. The soft-glow from the ceiling lamps and these cute lights on the tables which wasn’t really candle lights but a battery powered thing makes the ambiance serene. Added to the serene ambiance was the relaxing music they were playing.

La Terrasse Restaurant

We tried their Trilogy of breads and dips (salsa, houmous, and cream cheese a la boursin) as appetizers. We like the cream cheese a la boursin dip the most but all the other dips are just right to your taste while waiting for the main course. Josh ordered a classico Caesar salad too. After 10 to 15 minutes, the main course arrived. I ordered the Gambas flambées au pastis and dilis rice while Josh had Medaillons de porc a l’orange and garlic herb fried rice.

Trilogy of breads and dips

Caesar's salad

Gambas flambées au pastis

I tasted Josh’s Medaillons de porc a l’orange, a pan roasted pork fillet served on a cushion of squash puree and sauteed greens topped with grilled cashews, orange rind, and whole roasted onions and garlic that is just delightful and I love the way how it is presented. Their Gambas flambées au pastis is tossed in hot butter then flambéed in pastis, an anise liquor from the south of France. The gambas is delicious though I made a mistake for putting the whole dilis rice on my plate which made my dish too oily from the butter that I wasn’t able to consume it.

Medaillons de porc a l'orange

Dilis Rice

We then requested to serve the dessert after the meal where I had Mango Cream Tart while Josh had Cocobanana cooler sweetened in lemon syrup and topped with sago and puffed rice. We both enjoyed eating here and totally loved the food.

While eating, there is this band setting up the stage which made the night complete. They played mellow then reggae, followed by their own version of The Joker by Steve Miller in which Josh was singing it too and I just fell in love with him more while he was singing it. The band rocked the night. One of them admitted that they played on the spot without rehearsal or practice. I know bands are usually like that which makes them totally amazing.

Mango Cream Tart

Cocobanana Cooler

It sucks that we only had known this place during our third day. Josh wanted to have lunch there but our flight was 1:00 p.m. so we didn’t have the chance to.

Here’s a cool video I took from the restaurant:

Price breakdown of our meal:
Triology of breads and dips Php 160.00
Caesar salad Php 250.00
Medaillons de porc a l’orange Php 400.00
Gambas flambées au pastis Php 250.00
Mango Cream Tart Php 120.00
Cocobanana cooler Php 70.00
Dilis rice Php 50.00
Garlic rice Php 50.00

La Terrasse Restaurant
Rizal avenue, Bancao Bancao,
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Plato Wraps Restaurant, Calasiao, Pangasinan

Plato Wraps Restaurant, Pangasinan

Plato Wraps Restaurant is located in Calasiao, Pangasinan. I can remember many times eating at their food carts here in Manila, their unique grilled sandwich made me try it as it looks healthy too. I was on pesco-vegetarian diet for two months last year and always order their Very Veggie sandwich. It has the right creaminess and texture in the mouth. I also tried Chunky Chicken and Yummy Tuna and both are delectable. They only serve healthy sandwiched by the way.

Plato Wraps Counter

When Mica introduced us Plato Wraps Restaurant, we were like, “May restaurant pala ang Plato Wraps!” (So, Plato Wraps have restaurant). Plato Wraps originated in Dagupan City, Pangasinan.

I like the restaurant’s overall interior, the atmosphere, lights, seatings, and decors, are classic Filipino style. The place is neat and refreshingly comfortable. We were greeted warmly by the staffs and showed their menu.


We don’t know what to order at first, we asked what’s their specialty and their immediately respond with their Boneless Bangus (milkfish), and when it comes to burger, the must try is their Big Burgerdon. Each of us ordered different variety of food. It was overwhelming that their food is in big servings. I was expecting a normal-sized plate but it was huge.

Boneless Bangus

Darwin and I ordered their Boneless Bangus, it was huge Boneless Bangus topped with onion rings and tomatoes served hot. I love their bangus especially when dipped with their special vinegar mixed with pepper, salt, garlic, and little chili. It was the best vinegar combination I’ve ever tasted creating an arousing taste when bangus is dipped. Kuya Estan ordered Big Burgerdon, I think it’s bigger than a Big Mac. The patty is served well-done topped with cheese, cucumber, and tomatoes. Mica ordered their tender Beef Korean topped with sesame seed and some vegetables. While Robbie feel like ordering a breakfast lunch French Toast with Bacon, this one is in big servings as well.

Big Burgerdon

Beef Korean

French Toast

I like the restaurant overall and I will definitely eat there again when I come back in Pangasinan. They have special function room at the second floor as well for events and parties. You can book a reservations for your party and events.

Plato Wraps Restaurant
De Venecia Highway, Calasiao, Pangasinan.
Open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
For inquiries call 522-0000 or 515-8237
They also deliver within Dagupan and Calasiao for a minimum purchase of P500.00.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

How I Deal with My Parents When I Travel and What They Don’t Know.

Mad waves silence

There are two kinds of parents, one that may say, “Grow up!” While the other one, “You’ll do as I say because you are still a kid!”

Unfortunately, I have to say, my parents were sometimes the other one. I became sick of just staying inside the house. They are paranoid. I remember when a friend and I already bought a ticket to Ifugao to visit our friend. All were set, until they were like,

“Sasabog yung bus! Wag kang tutuloy!” (The bus will explode! Don’t go!), and was like “Ifugao?? Malambot lupa don ha! Baka mabiktima kayo ng landslide at malibing ng buhay!” (Ifugao?? The soil there isn’t that stable. You might be a victim of soil erosion and will be buried alive).

After Zorb action

I know they just want us to be safe. But as time goes by, I noticed something changed in me. I used to be cheerful and energetic during my high school and college years, my friends and classmates used to know me as the goofy girl in classroom but after I graduated, I noticed that I became unsociable, introvert, timid, and felt depressed.

I just want to see what life has more to offer. They even complained one time saying, “what the heck do you get from traveling?” There are things that they just don’t understand.

Now, these are just some adventures and misadventures that they don’t know:

I was alone when I’ve ridden a plane for the first time. My mom thought I was with Mica in that plane lol, but the truth is, I rode alone. It was my first time in airport and I was stupid to be seated anywhere inside the plane. I didn’t know there’s seating arrangement in airplanes! Because it was my first time, I’m such a nursery pupil for paying close attention to the flight stewardess on how to fasten seat belt, where to get the life vest, and how to use oxygen mask. I was seated in the window of course, I was like “WOOOO I’m in the airplane!!” with my hands tightly gripped onto my seat. Happy birthday to me! Yes, it was my 21st birthday that time.

From the window

I lost my backpack when we were in Macau. I thought I was going to die in Macau. That backpack-contained survival materials and the most important things like my SLR, wallet with my HKD, ATMs, and passport left inside the bus on our way to our hotel. We just went to the nearest police station, and they were good enough to help me recover my bag. It was already 1:00 a.m. when the police told us that the bus company had my bag. I was able to recover it and almost knelt down!

I almost got lost in Singapore. It happened when I was with my NYOK friends while I was busy taking night shot photos and lost them out of my sight for an instant. I can’t find them! To think that that I have no cellphone and enough money to hire a cab because we pay in share, I was nervous to death. After three to four minutes of search, I finally found them looking at a local Gelato in the street.


I slept in a stranger’s house. This was my first couch surfing in Iloilo. I would never forget my first couch surfing experience, it was fun! This was also the first time I spent P300 per day and eating oysters for 2 consecutive days. Oysters in Iloilo are cheap! Hey, stranger turns out to be a friend anyway.

I snorkeled in 16 to 18 feet deep sea of Puerto Princesa, Palawan without a life vest. I fell in love with corals and it was my first time snorkeling too! I just can’t get hold of myself to remove the life vest as my body is itching to swim deeper and look at the corals closely. I didn’t drown!

Manong is trying to pull me down!!

They also don’t know that..

I booked a ticket to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia on July of this year.
I will go to Mindoro on March and hopefully have picture with the Mangyans, the tribe where probably my physical characteristics came from.
I will swim with whale sharks in Sorsogon this Holy Week.
I will go on an island hopping in Palawan again.
I am going back to Davao on May.

Davao:  Eden Nature Park and Resort

Being pasaway (stubborn), I manage to go in different parts of the country and encountered unforgettable memories. I committed some stupidness while traveling but I’d take that as an adventure with lesson. The problem with some parents, they are afraid to let their children commit mistakes, and their children will probably grow up coward.

I remember reading a parenting website that if you are a strict parent, “the levels of love and affection will also be decreased on the parents and they will not share any thing with you.. and once negative feeling develops in them, they will not bother you and this negative feeling continues throughout their life.”

Children at Rock View Resort, Bolinao

Many are asking if I have a strict parents, how do I deal with them when I go on a travel? I sometimes just tell them on the day of my flight that I am leaving and be back after three to four days. Now, as their daughter, the only thing I need to do is to come back home safe.

To my mum and dad if you are reading this:
I thank you for being strict and irritating at times, I know you just truly care. Regarding my itchy feet to travel, you may be against it but you may be wrong, and come on, this is only temporary, I may not be able to do these after 20 years. And come on, I’m already 24 this year what heck I would be like when I turn 30 if I’m still under your skirts and pants. I only seek for your understanding.

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My name is Ada, an old-fashioned, curly, jumper, wanderlust, who enjoys budget and DIY traveling.

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