Creep Inside the Haunted yet Lovely Diplomat Hotel in Baguio

The Diplomat Hotel is an old abandoned hotel situated in Dominican Road, Baguio City. To date, it was actually one of the Top Most Haunted Hotels in the world.

Diplomat Hotel, Baguio

According to history, it used to be a vacation house and a seminary way back in 1911. Since it was established by the Dominicans, the place was called Dominican Hill. However, during the World War II, it was occupied by the fleeing refugees from the Japanese Army Forces. Japanese Forces later bombed the entire place resulting to an extensive damage. It was then reconstructed in 1947.

Diplomat Hotel, Baguio

In 1973, Diplomat Hotels, Inc. acquired ownership of the place and remodeled thoroughly the interior into a 33-bedroom hotel but still retaining the unique and distinct personality which was earlier established by the Dominican friars. The hotel was managed by Tony Agpaoa, a Baguio-based spiritual healer. Since his death, the hotel ceased its operation and was closed to the public.

The Diplomat Hotel, Baguio

Posing outside the beautiful abandoned Diplomat Hotel

Spooky and macabre tales from folks

At time the hotel was still operational, the employees and guests claimed that they have been hearing strange sounds and headless apparitions can often be seen during the night inside the hotel. According to folks, this could have been the ghosts of nuns and priests who were beheaded during the World War II. Read more…

The Bridal Veil Waterfall in Kennon Road, Baguio

Bridal Veil waterfall along Kennon Road is a tourist spot that travelers should not miss. Nevertheless, travelers going up in Baguio City will hardly miss this waterfall because of its prominence and attention grabbing appearance similar to a wedding veil worn by the brides – starting a thin vertical flow from the mountains followed by the sudden gush of water flowing violently and cascading down the smooth boulders forming a cool mist.

The magnificent full view

This is one of the top attractions that you must see while on vacation. Since you can easily do your Manila hotel booking online, I suggest finding a place to stay that is close to this magnificent body of water.

According to our tour guide and a friend who frequently travels to Baguio, this waterfall is likely to be dried up in the future. The water flow used to be rich and strong 2 to 3 years ago compared to what we’ve seen at that point in time.

Crossing the bridge was the biggest challenge we faced here; elevating approximately 800 meters on the rocky river, getting near the waterfall might not be for fainthearted individuals. Read more…

Baguio’s Most Haunted Place, Laperal White House unveiled

The #14 Laperal White House or famously known as the White House will give you the creeps each time you pass along the Leonard Wood Road in Baguio City.

The Laperal White House

Originally, the house was dirty yellow until 2001, it was repainted which made it fresh white and only it was named White House.

Spooky and macabre tales from folks

Several stories have been passed around from generation to generation about ghost sightings in the house. The ghost of a kid sitting in front stairways of the house has been spotted several times by people who frequently pass along the road.

According to folks, the kid was the grandchild of the owner and used to cross the road with her nanny to play with other kids in the neighborhood until one day; she saw her nanny talking to a neighbor opposite of the house and ran across the road only to meet a car accident.
The Laperal White House
A crying woman standing by the window of 3rd floor has also been reported by several people. It was said that she was the nanny of the owner’s grandchildren. Tourists who dared to explore the haunted White House also heard loud screeching noises on the rooftop.

Caretakers have several spooky experiences too. A boy caretaker once answered a phone call from her wife abroad until she heard a female voice and even suspected that her husband was womanizing. The caretaker then informed her wife that he was alone the entire conversation.

Unveiling the mystery

GMA’s I-Witness program recently dared to explore the White House with Jay Taruc and a group of psychics, to unveil the mystery and find out the real story of the house and its true owners. It was revealed that a married couple once went to Baguio for vacation and fell in love with the place. They bought a land then and built a rest house. Read more…

Hotel Review: Azalea Residences in Baguio

Azalea Residences

Baguio is gifted with 16°C to 26°C temperature which is the mildest in the Philippines and the reason it’s so jam-packed during summer and holiday season making the entire City at panic state most especially to hotels.

Since Azalea Residences is a relatively new hotel in Baguio which just opened February 2011, staying here would be the best choice among other hotels in Baguio if you’re seeking for comfort, spacious rooms, abundant parking space, and uncrowded facilities at a very good price during those season.

Azalea Residences
Lobby Area

Some taxi drivers are not aware of this hidden gem since it was just opened for over a year. So when riding a taxi, just let the driver know that it’s across the “Teacher’s Camp,” then they would be more than happy to acquaint you.

When we finally arrived in Azalea, first thing I noticed was the freshly built fabrication of the entire area. The bar, lounge, and the souvenir shop were all situated beside the lobby. Added to its stylish look was the azalea flower decal on its wall.

Azalea Residences Azalea Residences
The lounge, bar, and souvenir shop

Staff were all friendly and nice as expected in fine hotels like this. The check-in process was quick compared to the other hotels I’ve stayed at. Here, we only waited for 5 to 7 minutes and surprised that they were already getting our bags accompanying us to our rooms. Read more…

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