Getting back to nature: family fun in the Great Smoky Mountains

There is a reason why the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the nation’s most-visited park. The scenery alone is enough to attract visitors. Add in all the enjoyable activities and you have a winning combination for more than one family vacation. Here are a few of the fun things to do there.


Everyone remembers the first fish they catch. The Great Smoky Mountains offer over 700 miles of streams and rivers for your family to fish. Rules and regulations vary by stream or section of river. Some outfitters offer guided trips, fly-fishing classes, and more.

Hiking and discovery


The park contains a variety of trails for people of all abilities and ages, from easy and paved to steep mountain climbs. During hikes you might see a variety of historical log buildings and structures that have been preserved for the enjoyment of visitors.
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How Do I Travel Cheaply?

I was browsing through my blog’s comment section when a curious reader wrote and caught my attention:

Ada, you managed to go travel alone, how do you spend money and budget them all? Tell us your secrets. I love to travel also for some time.

It was a question that brought me back to my past travel experiences where money was always a problem. I had no stable job and always broke, yet I managed to explore at least three-quarter parts of the country.

Promo flight fare to Cebu that brought us to Bohol

So how do I travel cheaply? Visit this link to read the complete article.

Ada’s backlogs explained with special announcement

You may have noticed for quite some time that I’ve been updating my blog once every week only and most of it are backlogs. Aside from the reason that I just had a new job last March and been busy with the 6-month long training. I was really working hard to save money for something — I am getting married soon. From there, I had to set traveling aside.

When!? I am unable to disclose yet.

Engagement and Wedding Ring

I RARELY post personal stuff, actually never, but for me this event is something to be proud of and make my awesome friends and readers aware of my endeavors. To my friends, forgive me if I am unable to answer your PMs all the time, I have to do lots of paperwork.

I’m very happy that I still get fan mails which are very encouraging despite of my blog’s activity. Don’t worry; I’ll blog more helpful stuff about budget traveling! How about a wedding blog soon? Oops! Why not?

Ivory and White Bridal Store
Ivory and White Bridal Store, Loyola Heights QC

Bridal gown hunt

As of the moment, I am still in search of a perfect bridal gown and a beautiful shoe. Since there’s no more time, ready-to-wear or RTW is my only option left. I have taken to surfing Zalora for shoes. Read more…

A Life Filled with Travels while having a Full­-Time Job?

Kaiz Galang of is just one of the travel bloggers I look up to even before we first met in flesh in Mt. Pinatubo, and I knew this girl loves mountaineering, a hobby that I would like to pursue as well soon. But my curiosity about her had grown more from the time I found out we are working in the same company.

How come she travels often while having a full-time job? Why can’t I? And I started admiring her more. She’s the perfect epitome of a woman who knows how to balance work and passion for traveling while also being married. That traveling regularly is possible without quitting your full-time job. How? Be inspired with my exclusive interview with Kaiz.

Can you tell us your present full­-time job? How long have you been working there? ­

“I am a Technical Writer, someone who creates contents of a Q&A-­type support website. How long? That just reminds me that I have been with my BPO company for six years now. Whoa!”

Kaiz Belga Kaiz Belga

You’re a monster girl! How do you manage to squeeze in your travels between your working days? And my gawd, you really blog regularly!

“I am Chuck Norris’ daughter. Jk. I only have eight paid vacation leaves each year. Tight, huh? Yes. But flawless planning is the answer. I make sure that if I have both time and budget, I go hiking or a 2-­day trip kind. If I only have time but no money, I stay at home, drink, and read travelogues that will help me with my next trip. Then if I just have the budget but have a handful of activities, I spend the moolah (money) buying plane tickets or beer. And please, excuse my humility but I am just an occasional blogger who writes whenever she wants to rant. :p”

Who do you often travel with? Have you traveled with your coworkers before?

“Luckily, me and my husband, Rowjie, share the same passion for any outdoor activities. If I feel like going somewhere, I’d just tell him that I have already booked us a flight to wherever it is. Haha. So it isn’t really difficult for me to find someone who I can drag to places. And yes, I’ve been to quite a few provinces with my colleagues. Thanks to team building and outings brought about by random drunk talks.”

Kaiz Belga

Have you ever convinced or influenced someone from your office to travel? How did you do that and where did he/she go?

­ I consider mountaineering not just a sports but also a form of traveling. When people from the office learned that my husband and I enjoy hiking, they got intrigued. We shared with them our stories and experiences while mountain climbing. Then they started joining us in our hiking activities. Read more…

About Ada

Ada Wilkinson of

My name is Ada, an old-fashioned, curly, jumper, wanderlust, who enjoys budget and DIY traveling.

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