A Glimpse of Cherry Blossoms and the man with priceless face

Cherry Blossoms in our neighborhood

Husband goes home late night on certain days of the week and two days ago was one of those days. I got bored at the house and from there, I embarked on yet another trip alone somewhere not far from where we live and thought of going to Sankeien Garden in Yokohama (which I will blog about later).

I was very surprised that cherry blossoms were already bloomed just across from where we live. They weren’t there 3 days ago and now it’s just BOOOOM! Cherry blossoms! It’s like magic that happens overnight.

Cherry Blossoms in our neighborhood

On my way to the bus stop, I saw an old man sitting at the bench starring at the cherry blossoms and his face was priceless — a face so bright and peaceful. A face that doesn’t carry burden in the world. A face of contentment. A face of happiness.

“Konnichiwa!” (Good afternoon) I greeted.

He greeted me back with a smile and I was blown away. I didn’t expect that he’d greet me back.

This man, is he a saint? He’s seemed very happy and contented with his life. I wish I had that kind of attitude.

Cherry Blossoms in our neighborhood

As I walked away, I remembered he was the same old man I’ve seen while I was running before. On the same bench starring up at the trees, same face, same expression.

Cherry Blossoms in our neighborhood

Cherry Blossoms in our neighborhood

Cherry Blossoms in our neighborhood

I paused and realized I have been here for 3 months but why I had never stopped by here (benches)? With great surroundings and quiet environment, this place could help me think, relax, and be connected to myself.

Sometimes, the ones that’s close to us (from where we live) are best enjoyed. We don’t always have to go that far to enjoy life. They could be just around the corner just waiting to be discovered.

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  • http://www.senyorita.net/ Micamyx|Senyorita

    Ganda :D Lakad Lakad ka lang dyan para hindi ka ma-bore sa bahay. Di bale sa June may gugulo ng buhay nyo nyahaha :P


    Ada Lajara Reply:

    AHAHA! Yung nga kulang sa buhay ko now. Gulo! Miss yah badet


  • http://www.senyoritalakwachera.com/ Christeen

    Inspiring naman ng discovery mo :) feeling ko tuloy I can stay
    there without a strict itinerary haha. pdf ko to, then save sa desktop to keep
    me driven and focused. I love to have a cold and blushing April next year ♥♥♥


    Ada Lajara Reply:

    Yes dear, even when I first visited Japan, I didn’t follow my itinerary! Let me know when you visited Japan kita ulet tayo! <3


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