Hotel Review: Azalea Residences in Baguio

Azalea Residences

Baguio is gifted with 16°C to 26°C temperature which is the mildest in the Philippines and the reason it’s so jam-packed during summer and holiday season making the entire City at panic state most especially to hotels.

Since Azalea Residences is a relatively new hotel in Baguio which just opened February 2011, staying here would be the best choice among other hotels in Baguio if you’re seeking for comfort, spacious rooms, abundant parking space, and uncrowded facilities at a very good price during those season.

Azalea Residences
Lobby Area

Some taxi drivers are not aware of this hidden gem since it was just opened for over a year. So when riding a taxi, just let the driver know that it’s across the “Teacher’s Camp,” then they would be more than happy to acquaint you.

When we finally arrived in Azalea, first thing I noticed was the freshly built fabrication of the entire area. The bar, lounge, and the souvenir shop were all situated beside the lobby. Added to its stylish look was the azalea flower decal on its wall.

Azalea Residences Azalea Residences
The lounge, bar, and souvenir shop

Staff were all friendly and nice as expected in fine hotels like this. The check-in process was quick compared to the other hotels I’ve stayed at. Here, we only waited for 5 to 7 minutes and surprised that they were already getting our bags accompanying us to our rooms.

Azalea Residences
The bar up-close

Azalea Residences Azalea Residences
The azalea flower decal and view from the top

Like most hotels in Baguio, Azalea Residences isn’t equipped with air-conditioned rooms but with ceiling fans. The room is fully furnished almost like a home — which is why it was called Residences. The interior decoration was elegantly arranged to make you feel cozy and comfortable like you’re home.

Azalea Residences

In the living room, center of attraction was the painting of the old Baguio City which was really interesting. I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of storage room for your things too.

Azalea Residences Azalea Residences

All furniture and appliances are new of age; the LCD TV, DVD player, fascinating electric stoves, iPod docking stations, lamps, tables and chairs, etc. We were able to enjoy the cable TV by watching Paranormal Activity 3 on HBO during our fright Friday night.

Azalea Residences Azalea Residences

The bathroom and its toiletries are of superior quality compared to other hotels I’ve been to. I was amazed with how their conditioners works on my hair, it was made of real moisturizing content which really lasts longer unlike hotel conditioners I’ve used.

Azalea Residences

Let me also share our experience with the bell service. When we ran out of toilet paper, we phoned them asking for one and surprised that the lady was already at the door handing it to us right after we hung up. That’s was quick and funny.

Azalea Residences Azalea Residences

They provide at least 2 to 4 sets of shampoos, conditioner, and lotions to avoid the likely of run-outs.

Azalea Residences

Moving forward, the entire hotel is equipped with WiFi. If you’re in business and internet is very important to you, consider choosing a room that has a WiFi router attached to it. Alternatively, you can opt to stay at their lobby area and enjoy the fast speed connection.

Azalea Residences Azalea Residences

Now, the best part — breakfast buffet. You choose between cereals and rice, with a variety of dish to choose from; Asian to Western style. I surely enjoyed my breakfast here.

Azalea Residences

Azalea Residences
Pinakbet or pakbet — a famous Ilokano food.

Azalea Residences

Azalea Residences Azalea Residences

They have a very good cute chef who once worked in Bahrain and specializes in European food. When asked about his status, he said, “It’s complicated.” Hmmm. Intriguing.

Hotel Information

Address: #7 Leonard Wood Loop, Brgy. M. Roxas, Baguio City
Email Reservations:
Manila Reservations: (02) 579-4890; (02) 579-4894
Baguio Reservations: (74) 442-8888
Tours: Azalea also arrange tour packages around Baguio. Just give them a call.

Location Wise

Along Leonard Wood Road across Teacher’s Camp, Baguio City. Around 10 to 15 minutes away from SM Baguio City and Victory Liner Terminal for your convenience. Accessible to famous tourist attractions in Baguio as well such as Session Road, Oh My Gulay, Camp John Hay, Mines View Park, etc.

  • The Pinoy Explorer

    “very good cute chef” talaga ha! hehehe….Im loving the photos!

  • Ada

    Thanks Ding!! Bilis niyo magpost nina Robbie about Baguio! 😀

  • darwin | Tracking Treasure

    Thank you Ada! I’m glad you had fun in Azalea. Ang gaganda ng photos mo;)

  • Micamyx|Senyorita

    Wah I missed this lol lagi na lang akong fail kapag Baguio :)) glad you and Robbie had fun. Mukhang magaganda talaga rooms ng Azalea 😀

  • Ada

    Blog ka na rin Darwin! Thanks a lot for inviting me 😉

  • Ada

    Cozyng cozy ang dating!!

  • leandra / adbenturera

    wow! heard of Azalea pero dahil relatively newly built, wala pa to nung nag-aaral pako sa Baguio hehehe,

    mashallah sa next akyat namin this coming bkasyon, if we go overnyt, will surely consider Azalea,

    I miss Baguio waaaa! :)

  • Ada

    Yup!! Very new ito, di rin alam ng ibang taxi driver hehe. Sana nga sa Baguio na lang din ako nag-aral interesting ang culture kasi

  • Mayrenissa

    Stayed here for a week. Crews are accommodating and friendly. Facilities are really awesome…. :) I still have those conditioners, shampoo and lotion brought it here to add in my collection 😀 It is really nice staying here in Azalea. Just hope they continue to tighten their security for the welfare of their clients.

  • leandra / adbenturera

    yup, it’s amazing how the locals manage to preserve their traditions side by side with keeping up with techie stuff. At twing umuuwi ako, tlgang naakyat ako ng Baguio maski one day lang, :)

    Never too late, pede pang mag post grad studies… :)

  • Adelle

    nice photos you got there, as always. the hotel looks really modern yet elegant. we’ll keep your review in mind in case anyone asks about accommodations in Baguio. :)

  • Yodi

    I always avoid fancy and expensive hotels whenever I travel but I guess this one is worth trying – a staycation perhaps – or a nice treat to myself and my hubby. Thanks for sharing – now heading to the website to see the rates….

  • joan | the backpack chronicles

    Ang lambot ng kama nila di ba? Elal and I had a hard time getting up nung andun kami kasi ang lambot lambot ng kama. Namiss ko bigla ang Azalea. That reminds me, hindi ko pa pala nagagamit yung free voucher ko. :)

  • memographer

    This is one beautiful hotel. Very inviting photos! Love the Azalea flower on the wall and Christmas decor looks cute this time of the year.

  • Ada

    Bitin yung overnight HAHAHA! Super sarap matulog. Great sleep quality

  • Ada

    Yes sometimes ganda rin try fancy hotels especially with friends and with loved one 😉

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  • Bonzenti,Con Tour

    I love how you arrange your photos to order. Orderly neat with great composition. I learned a lot in following your photography style. Ikaw na talaga yan….

    Kaya pala residences and pangalan. Puede ka palang mag luto sa loob….

  • Ada Lajara

    Thanks a lot sir Bonz!! 😀 Magara ang stove nila LOL Kaaliw lang HEHE

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