Baguio’s Most Haunted Place, Laperal White House unveiled

The #14 Laperal White House or famously known as the White House will give you the creeps each time you pass along the Leonard Wood Road in Baguio City.

The Laperal White House

Originally, the house was dirty yellow until 2001, it was repainted which made it fresh white and only it was named White House.

Spooky and macabre tales from folks

Several stories have been passed around from generation to generation about ghost sightings in the house. The ghost of a kid sitting in front stairways of the house has been spotted several times by people who frequently pass along the road.

According to folks, the kid was the grandchild of the owner and used to cross the road with her nanny to play with other kids in the neighborhood until one day; she saw her nanny talking to a neighbor opposite of the house and ran across the road only to meet a car accident.
The Laperal White House
A crying woman standing by the window of 3rd floor has also been reported by several people. It was said that she was the nanny of the owner’s grandchildren. Tourists who dared to explore the haunted White House also heard loud screeching noises on the rooftop.

Caretakers have several spooky experiences too. A boy caretaker once answered a phone call from her wife abroad until she heard a female voice and even suspected that her husband was womanizing. The caretaker then informed her wife that he was alone the entire conversation.

Unveiling the mystery

GMA’s I-Witness program recently dared to explore the White House with Jay Taruc and a group of psychics, to unveil the mystery and find out the real story of the house and its true owners. It was revealed that a married couple once went to Baguio for vacation and fell in love with the place. They bought a land then and built a rest house.
The Laperal White House
However, during the Word War II, it was occupied by Japanese and made the house as their headquarters. Local officials and other inhabitants who that time rented the house were brutally killed, but it remained unclear whether it was the Japanese or other dwellers did the killings.

The team was also able to record a female voice saying, “Andito kami ngayon,” (We are here) after fixing a misplaced CCTV and gave me freakin’  goose bumps which lasted the entire show.

However, according to nonbelievers, the voice was a complete fabrication only and it was Mel Tiangco’s voice. Kalurkey ha, please don’t joke like that.
The Laperal White House
Enough of ghost stories, to be honest, this blog post scared the hell out of me and I get goose bumps just writing about it!!

Laperal White House now open to public

To date, the Laperal White House is now open for public viewing after Lucio Tan bought it. Occasional exhibits inside were being organized to attract tourists and have them tour inside. The entire house was very well taken care of. It has neat bathrooms, bedrooms, and dining area.

There was a Bamboo Art Exhibit when we went there and we were fascinated. Hats off to the organizers that proudly showcased Filipino craftsmanship! I couldn’t remember the entrance fee though, I believe it was PHP 35.00 per head.

The Philippine Bamboo Exhibit at The Laperal White House
The Philippine Bamboo Art Exhibit area 1st floor

Bamboo art detailed fascination
Bamboo art detailed fascination

First floor living room
First floor living room

The master's bedroom
The master’s bedroom

An Old clock
An Old clock

View from the stairs
View from the stairs

The Laperal White House bathrooms
One of the bathrooms. Very clean

The Laperal White House warehouse
The warehouse or garage

The Laperal White House photos
We were able to do a mini-photoshoot at the garage.

It still gave me the creeps even though I was with someone else when I toured the house. I felt the heavy aura like there was someone watching at us or maybe it was only my playful imagination.

The Laperal White House Tour Information

Address: #14 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City
Entrance fee: Varies.

Getting there

You can either walk the long stretch of Leonard Wood Road or hire a cab going to Laperal White House. Travel time is around 8 to 12 minutes away from SM Baguio City and Victory Liner Terminal. Some hotels in Baguio also include a tour in Laperal White House. Like in our case, it was arranged and organized by Azalea Residences.

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