The Chocolate Hills in Bohol — Bringing out the kid in you

Chocolate Hills, Bohol

Enjoying the personal view of the rolling terrain of Chocolate Hills was one of the tourist highlights in Bohol. Prior to having lunch at Loboc River Cruise, we exhausted ourselves by climbing the 214 steps leading us to the observation deck where one can view the hills up close and even count them!

Chocolate Hills, Bohol

One of us even wanted to back out because of the height, but in the end she continued and didn’t mind or she’d be left alone below! Fairly well, the 214 steps was worth it! Upon reaching the observation deck, a beautiful sight greeted us and gave us excitement to play with the hills.  The Chocolate Hills was indeed a great wonder of nature. But how these hills were formed?

A local tour guide explained that they were formed when tectonic process happened millions of years ago causing the seabed to uplift. From there, I realized that these hills were not piles of mud which formed underground but are limestone.

Chocolate Hills, Bohol
A group of sexy Europeans doing the pyramid

At the observation deck, there was a photographer who took photos of every tourists so you can buy it as souvenir from their DIY photo booth.

We then spotted these European tourists with skins almost tan and bodies that were fit. The guy in white tank was hot and I just couldn’t take my eyes away from him. His tattoo made him hotter and all the while, I wanted to grab a rice and eat while staring at him. He’s a M-E-A-L.

Chocolate Hills, Bohol

Since we don’t have much money left to buy the photo from their booth, we just used our camera. We indulged ourselves by bringing out the kid in us and pose our way of doing silly things with the Chocolate Hills behind us; and for a while, it helped us forget our starving stomachs.

Chocolate Hills, Bohol
This turned out like a sibling photo: Ate, Kuya, Bunso

Chocolate Hills, Bohol
Me, Dylan, Mica, and Maire with Manabat brothers

How to get to Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills is located in Carmen, Bohol. Since Bohol is a diverse province, it is recommended to hire a private vehicle or avail land tour services when going around.

Chocolate Hills, Bohol

Via public transportation: From Tagbilaran City, you can take bus ride as early as 5 a.m. that’s leaving for Carmen (fare PHP 100+) and tell the bus driver or the fare collector that you will be visiting Chocolate Hills, they are most kind to help you. Travel time from Tagbilaran to Carmen usually take around two (2) hours if you take the passenger bus because of the different stops along the way. When you arrive in Carmen, next move is to hire a habal-habal to take you to Chocolate hills. This method is not really recommended as bus from Tagbilaran leaving for Carmen is rare.

Via private van/taxi or tour agency: You can arrange a group land tour services when you get to Bohol. There are several tour agencies that are based in Bohol or you can even search them in the internet prior to traveling. You can also get help from the hotel you are staying at. Most hotels are partnered with tour agencies in Bohol.

This method is recommended as tourist attractions in Bohol are far from each other. You can rent the whole van for PHP 3,000 to PHP 4,000 (good for 10-12 people) for a day tour which will take you to tourist spots in Bohol including the Chocolate Hills.

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