How to Get to Guimaras (from Iloilo City)

I knew you are planning a trip to Guimaras and you stumbled upon this page. Getting to Guimaras is pretty easy. There is no direct flight to Guimaras, you will need to fly to Iloilo to get to Guimaras.

How to Get to Guimaras (from Iloilo City)

Ride a jeepney or a taxi going to Iloilo City harbor, then take a 15-minute pump boat ride going to Jordan Wharf, Guimaras which is the main port of entry in Guimaras. A pump boat ride costs P13 (around $0.35 or less) as of 2010.

From Jordan Wharf, sign up their logbook — which I think for the purpose of recording the number of tourists visiting Guimaras. The office also holds all the information about Guimaras including, guide maps, contact to all Guimaras Travel and Tours, beach resorts, etc. So don’t forget to grab one brochure.

Note that there are lots of tricycle drivers who will offer you their land tour services upon arriving in Jordan Wharf. Tricycle drivers should have fix amount of services. As of 2012, our tricycle driver Kuya Gerald informed us that land tour is more or less Php 1,200. You can also negotiate with tricycle drivers to personalize your tour.

Should you wish to get Kuya Gerald’s number, here it is 0908-474-8122. He also an instant Photographer! But if you’re in group, feel free to pick more tricycle drivers in the area.

What to do in Guimaras

In our case, we stayed in Guimaras for one night. After a renewing land tour services (which include a trip to mango plantation, Monastery, Guisi lighthouse etc.) by our tricycle driver, we availed our hotel’s Island Hopping package. Don’t forget to taste their sweetest mango! January to April is the peak season of mango production in Guimaras.

The morning after, we traveled back to Iloilo.

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  • Connie

    Hi Ada! Very helpful ang blog mo sa pagpaln namin ng itinerary namin. Thank you :)

    Where did you stay in Guimaras? What resort can you recommend where we can stay for a night? :)

    How far is Iloilo port from Iloilo airport pala?


  • Ada

    Hi, we stayed in Raymen’s beach resort and I personally don’t recommend it haha! Namahalan ako kami eh ang swanget naman ng room. Kaya lang dun kami nagstay kasi yun lang ang alam namin nung time na yun. Try Baras Beach Resort though Mga 1.5 hrs siguro from Iloilo from Iloilo port 😉

  • Mark

    Guimaras! My dream lol. So many islands so little time. one day I will get there. A nice little post Ms Ada, have filed this away for future reference. Darn, have to plan a month long island hop sa Pilipnas next year. :)

  • Monette padaca

    Hai hai ada so as far as understand there is no direct flight from manila to guimaras??and any idea which airlines the best the cheapest we can get to go there from manila to iloilo airport.we will go there in january hope you answer my question god bless monette padaca

  • Ada

    Yes no direct flight. Thru Iloilo siya. Try Tigerairways or AirPhil for cheap flights going from Manila to Iloilo 😀

  • Francis Steven Aguila

    Hi Ada, pwede kaya na wag mag overnight sa Guimaras? we would be staying with a family friend in Ilo Ilo and we don’t have the budget for an overnight stay in Guimaras, gusto namin mapuntahan lahat but still go back to Ilo Ilo at night :) thanks!

  • Ada Lajara

    Hi there. Yes pwedeng pwede. Actually Guimaras from Iloilo is only a Day Trip lang talaga. Kaya kami nagovernight na kasi sobrang pagod HAHA!

  • Jessie Calizar

    Hello aida, my family is planning to go to guimaras after graduation ng kapatid ko, may i ask if what resort would be nice for an overnight stay, cheap yet nice.