Nikon D60: Error press shutter release button again

My Nikon D60 is 1 year 4 months old now. Last week, my D60 started showing Error: Press shutter release button again in it’s LCD. Pressing the shutter button again and again doesn’t help. I tried to figure it out the in the internet and saw many Nikon users who experienced the same problem.

Through this link, I was able to follow Steve Jackson’s advice. I let my dad open my D60 and he put a WD40 on red and white small gears. He did some test shot, it worked, but up to 5 shots only then the error appeared again. He keep figuring out the problem on my cam but he can’t see the problem.

My D60 being murdered

I decided to go to Hidalgo (Quiapo) and let professional fix it. I saw Bert’s Camera Repair station and asked what’s the expected price for this kind of error, and he said P2,500 ($54). Damn, too costly. I think if I will go to Columbia (Cubao) they will charge me P5,000 or more plus I have to wait for 4-5 days. But in Bert’s station, I am allowed to wait my camera fixed for 1 hour.

After they fixed it, they let me do some test shot. I made 30-40 test shot. It is working well, though the shutter sound is bit different from before. When I went home, I did some test shot again. Since it’s evening, it’s a bit dim. I tried some test shot with flash. The result is what the heck. Even though I use flash, the shot is very dark! I tried adjusting the exposure to 2.0, still dark. I tried boosting the ISO to 800 and found out that the flash blends well with +2 exposure level and ISO 800 (if lower than that, shot is darker). From that day in my every shoot, my default exposure and ISO level is +2 to +3 and 800.

Maning's 50th Birthday
Shot from birthday. Properties: Aperture priority, focal length 22mm, f/4, 1/15 sec., ISO 800, +3 exposure, No flash. Time taken 3:02 p.m.

These 3 problems, White balance, exposure level, ISO, are depressing. I am planning to go back there to let them analyze what’s the problem. I have 2-month warranty from them therefore, they will not charge anything.

Did I make a mistake letting my D60 fixed in Hidalgo? I should have gone to Columbia. If you are professional or have any knowledge with this kind of stuff, just drop by and give me some advice.

UPDATE (May 19, 2010): I forgot to update this blog post. But my D60 is finally okay after Columbia repaired it. I paid $160 for this kind of problem and it really sucks on my part.

This problem occurred to me again when I was in Davao, I thought I will be paying another $160, but after removing the lens and attaching it back and it works again! :)

  • Marky

    I just experienced this the other day while in Bacolod :(

  • Marky

    I just experienced this the other day while in Bacolod :(

  • Borj

    ohh my … nangyari na din sa D60 ko yan kahapon.. and tied to fix also pero same problem pa din.. tinangal ko yung lens ngayon now after work ill check it again if wala mangyari ill bring it somewhere na authorized service center ng nikkon dito sa KSA.. hayst buhay

    malapit pa naman ang holiday.. huhuhuhuhuhuhu