Travel Guide: Marikina City Tour + Sample Itinerary

Marky asked me to plan a photo walking tour in Marikina City as he was curious about what lies in the Shoe Capital of the Philippines. Since he asked the correct person which is me, a Marikeña (someone who was born and raised in Marikina), I accepted his invitation to showcase him the unique beauty of the City where I lived.

However, at the same time, Anton and his friend also asked me to do the exact tour with them. Since, I was caught between them, I decided to have a group tour instead, and that makes me, Marky, Anton and his friend Jonver.

In this blog post, I will highlight some places to eat, landmarks to see, and how to get to Marikina via public transportation or car.

IVC Marikina

How to get to Marikina

There are a lot of ways to get to Marikina, whether you’re coming from North or South, it is always an easy access.

Via Public Transportation: If you will be coming from the South, all you have to do is to ride the the LRT Line 2 or the Purple Line going to Santolan Station. Drop off at Katipunan Station and there you will find jeepneys going to Marikina.

If you will be coming from the North, you can take jeepney going to San Mateo or Montalban from Fairview and drop off to Puregold. Then take a jeepney going to Marikina Bayan.

By car:  just follow jeepney going to Marikina such Calumpang, Parang, SSS or Philstress.

IVC Marikina
The LRT Line 2 Santolan Station

Marikina River
An abandoned post guard

Places and Landmarks to See

It was raining early in the morning but that didn’t stop us from having the photo walk. We met up at LRT Santolan Station and started walking going to the Industrial Valley Complex (IVC) where this nice and colorful façade housing project initiated by Bayani Fernando was situated.

Fernando build this façade to basically mask the inferior living condition of some Marikeños living there.

Foot bridge Marikina

After exploring the place, we then took a jeepney going to Concepcion Uno where popular landmarks like Marikina Sports Complex, Clock Tower, Shoe Musuem, Teatro Marikina, Our Lady of the Abandon Church, and Kapitan Moy are situated.

Kapitan Moy Marikina
Kapitan Moy, San Roque, a Spanish Ancestral house

I recall from our History subject that Marikina was just a town during 1700s and declared a pueblo under the Spanish colonial government. Thus this reflected at some houses in Marikina most especially in the town of San Roque where they are still very well preserved.

Because of their influence, I once planned of traveling to Mallorca, Spain, a place known for its outstanding diversity. Keep in mind that driving is the best way to see its Spanish countryside, so the best idea is to hire a car in Mallorca and here’s why.

Originally, I thought of availing Mallorca sightseeing tour package but upon checking the tour information, they allot tourists of 20 to 25 mins for each destination which was just unfavorable on my end. HEY, I love taking a lot of photos and that duration isn’t enough!

Just look at the main tourist attraction in Mallorca which is the Castle de Bellver; and see how huge and beautiful it is. There’s a courtyard and a vantage point in this castle where you can see the breath taking view of the city. You’ll see, 20 mins isn’t enough in this handsome Gothic style castle. Thus, driving around Mallorca will give you time flexibility and awesome experience to savor each tourist destination of the island.

Marikina Clock Tower
The Clock Tower in Marikina bells every time it ticks 12, 3, 6, and 9.

Our Lady of the Abandon Church Marikina
Our Lady of the Abandon Church.

Kapitan Moy Marikina


Where to Eat

We then had lunch at Pan De Amerikana and spent almost two hours in that restaurant from taking photos, having our own photo shoot, and eating two rounds. The food was great especially their Everlasting.

You must also try their pandesal which costs PHP6.00 each. It’s really good! The best pandesal I’ve ever had.

Pan De Amerikana Marikina

Pan De Amerikana

Before going home, we took another ride going to Calumpang and went to Cafe Lidia and tried their best seller Buffalo wings and blueberry cheesecake. I swear, this is so far the best blueberry cheesecake I’ve ever tasted!

Cafe Lidia
The Cafe Lidia

Cafe Lidia

Other nice restaurants worth trying in Marikina are Qizia Cafe, Alexei’s Diner and Cafe, Cafe Via Angelo to name a few.

Sample 1-Day Itinerary (A Summary from what has been done above)

09:00 am – Meet up in Santolan Station (LRT Line 2 – the purple line)
09:30 am – Landscape photography. Walk to IVC front Marikina, where the nice infrastructure is located.
10:30 am – Explore the Marikina River Park.
11:00 am – Walk again to ride a jeepney going to lunch at Pan De Amerikana, Marikina.
11:40 am – Food and restaurant photography at Pan De Amerikana.
01:00 pm – Urban photography. Clock Tower of Marikina.
01:30 pm – Photowalk, street, and panoramic photography on the way to famous landmark of Marikina: Freedom Park, Teatro Marikina, Our Lady of Adandoned Church, Kapitan Moy, Shoe Museum.
03:30 pm – Food and restaurant photography. Café Lidia.
04:30 pm – Group hug. Group photo. Pack up. End of the day.

  • rah

    Nice pics. Syang hindi ako nakasama dito :) malapit lang ako sa marikina :)

  • Ela

    This made me miss living in Marikina.

  • marx

    I haven’t tried the everlasting of Pan De Amerikana and buffalo wings and blue berry cheese cake of cafe lidia yet. Sana makabalik ako and matry ko yang mga yan!

  • Dorm Boy

    Parang masaya nga mgphotowalk sa Marikina. I think I can invite some of my friends and do the same. We will wait for the Marikina series!

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    mahal na talaga kita ada :mrgreen: ganda ng pictures!
    bakit galit nanaman si marky dun sa picture nyo sa may chess board? ano meron??

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    First and last time ko to explore Marikina is 2009 pa, at half day pa yun. I wonder how the clock tower looks like 😀 Nasaan na mga robot?

  • Ada

    Hahaha! yung clock tower actually hindi mo aakaling yung na pala yung clock tower hehe, yan lang siya oh yung may clock. woot. The robot has been removed na rin since si Del De Guzman na ang Mayor. 😐

  • Ada

    Hahaha!! Thanks Josh! Gutom na gutom na diyan si Marky at nayayamot na samin kasi 1 oras yata kami nagpicpicture eh nakahanda na yung food lol.

  • Ada

    Thanks Dorm boy! It’s safe and fun in Marikina please do not miss those restaurants I’ve mentioned. The best :)

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  • [Con Tour Blog]

    sayang at hindi ako naka visit sa marikina when i visited manila just this week. What I like in Marikina City is your green environment and green development which I used it as one of the subjects in my case study about land use planning for development. thanks ada for sharing. galit na naman si marky. :-).

  • yodz

    I’m passing these places whenever I’m visiting my sister in Montalban.
    I never thought it’s that beautiful. You got a good sight for beautiful things.

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    Kung kayo sa Marikina, malinis ang palengke, kami naman, bawal ang plastik sa Muntinlupa (literally and figuratively :mrgreen:)

    Kidding aside, aside sa mayamang kultura ng mga taga-Marikina, malaki rin ang naitulong ni Bayani Fernando sa pagsasaayos nito. Biruin n’yo, malinis ang mga palengke n’yo, may bike lane ang mga main thoroughfare n’yo, at disiplinado ang mga tao. If not for the perennial flooding, this would be an ideal city.

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    waaahh!!!photowalk uli!!!hahaha.namiss ko ang cheesecake sa cafe lydia. win!!!!!ito yung classic panira ng date ni Marky.peace Maerky—blame it on the houses in IVC.hahaha

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    love this photowalkl! sana makapaglamyerda rin ako sa marikina! :)

  • josh

    Uy ada. I’m here helping promote the Dagupan City’s Bangus Festival 2011 from April 8 to May 1. Hope you could come atleast on April 28 during the ‘Gilon-Gilon’ (Street Dance) for sure you’ll have a great time taking pictures of the colorful festival.

    Thanks! you could check out the full schedule on my blog :)

  • Ada

    April 28th is Thursday? EEEKK! How about on Saturday meron pa rin? Parang gusto ko pumunta. May libreng bangus ba? 😆

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    gow gow! hopefully makakita din kayo ng baby pating! (picturan mo ha!) 😉

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    ang ganda pala sa Marikina O_O

  • Jason Acidre

    These places really looks great on pictures. I’ve been able to walk through sumulong – marikina – katipunan – cubao last year with friends, though we weren’t able to see markina’s theatre and sports complex (perhaps a good destination this year).

  • Grace

    I thought I was the only one doing that. I actually live in the border of Marikina and Cainta which is really more like Marikina. So I tell people I live in Markina to make it simpler. I haven’t done a walking tour but I was planning to when I go home in a week to visit. So this post is super useful. I also wanted to know if you have done a shoe tour? Since there are a lot of “sapateros” around Marikina.

  • Jheck

    Ang ganda namn! Ang sarap mg photowalk pde ba maki join minsan? Pra at the same time sharing ideas and tips and new friends pa.. Hehehe proud to be marikenos

  • Ed

    Hi Ada! I’m from Marikina and those shots were perfect. I hope you can teach me coz I’m new in photography as I only had my SLR recently 😉

    By the way, I got to know your blog site cause actually, I’m an office mate of yours (melwood). HAHA. 😆 Here’s the story:

    I’m viewing one of the chatrooms then I saw your name: “guada lajara”. So I got curious because as far as I know, that’s a city in Mexico. So I click your name to view your profile and saw the blog site’s link. Then I access the link then found out that it’s a photo blog site. Perfect blog for me as I’m starting to love photography. Since I can’t access it on the office, I take note of the site and accessed it here at home and that’s why I got here. :)))

  • Ada

    OOhhh!!! Just search you in Facebook! I see!! You’re the tall guy in Melwood!! Hahaha! LOOL, Thanks for visiting my blog! What’s your camera? I’m a Nikon user woot woot. Minsan shoot tayo! 😀 Was my blog blocked in the office? I used to visit this during training, don’t know if it was detected by an IT though lol. Kulet mo kuya hahaha!! Naligaw ka dito hehe. See you!

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    Nice shots sa Marikina!

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    Pag nasa Marikina ako at you’re available, will tour you around. :) Pati sa Sagada din. :))) Thanks for the great Marikina photos. Missing my hometown so much.

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    San ka nakabase ngayon? Would love to finally travel to Sagada soon!! Will def contact you when I get there tour mo ko ha 😀

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    Eto ang dapat puntahan sa Marikina, ang mga kainan. Miss ko na ang Estela’s Goto at Chicken Parilla.

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