Mr. Kurosawa Restaurant taught me a lesson: A Review

On a stormy pay day night, before watching World War Z, I went out with my co-workers and invited them to try Mr. Kurosawa Euro-Japanese Restaurant. The reason that I chose to dine here was because the restaurant was also the operators of SumoSam which I really like. So why not give this restaurant a try? And also, I miss Ramen and Japan so much!

Mr. Kurosawa, Eastwood, Libis

Upon taking our seat, they handed us their big menu list that has a zebra stripe on it. I find it weird. It was supposed to be a Japanese style menu right? Or maybe the zebra stripe represents the fusion of European and Japanese fusion? Zebra stripe?! WHAT?!!

Mr. Kurosawa, Eastwood, Libis

Moving forward, while browsing their menu, I was shocked that their food selection were actually very overpriced compared to SumoSam. Since we were first timers, I asked the lady to help us choose their best-sellers or something that she could recommend for starters. But I realized that I came here because of Ramen so we ended up ordering Ramen miso-based soup, Japanese carbonara, and Spider Roll (which according to the lady, is one of their best-sellers).

Mr. Kurosawa, Eastwood, Libis
Buta-Kakuni Ramen miso-based soup

I was impressed with how the ramen was served. It was in a nice textured ceramic bowl and toppings were visible which usually include nori, meat, egg, menma (bamboo shoots), but the naruto (fish cake) was hiding though. I was very excited to try it because of how it was presented — it looked authentic.

However, the verdict was, the taste wasn’t close enough to an authentic ramen (bit disappointed with the soup). The miso soup lacks consistency and flavor, I couldn’t find the main character of the soup in my taste buds. The only thing that I loved was the Buta-Kakuni itself (Japanese braised pork belly). From there, I couldn’t help but recall that ramen in SumoSam was actually better than this. Valued at PHP 328.00.

Mr. Kurosawa, Eastwood, Libis
Spider Roll

Spider roll was one of the recommendation of the lady who took our order. I don’t know why it’s called Spider Roll, it doesn’t look spider right? I had a bite of it and I don’t know! It was cold and wasn’t fresh, and seemed that it has been sitting in their kitchen for a long time. Wait, it’s supposed to be their best-seller but what happened with this one? :-( Valued at PHP 300++ (forgot the exact price)

Mr. Kurosawa, Eastwood, Libis
Japanese Carbonara

Well this was ordered by a friend and I only had a bite. But according to him, it was good enough to satisfy his stomach. It was a pasta carbonara topped with tempura and nori. Valued at PHP 299.00.

I don’t know if I will dine here again. Did we order a wrong a food selection? It was bit overpriced as well. And for someone who’s looking for an authentic Japanese experience like me, I learned my lesson, I would rather go to a restaurant that really serves authentic Japanese food, served by a Japanese cook and owned by a Japanese (a saying by Japanese people).

Mr. Kurosawa, Eastwood, Libis
With Mido. Smile and take it the positive way! Photo from Jasfer.

Overall: 2/5, overpriced, the staffs weren’t really accommodating, and VAT are exclusive with 10% service charge.

Mr. Kurosawa @ Eastwood Branch

118 A Ground Floor, Eastwood Mall, Libis, QuezonCity.
Hours of operation: Monday to Friday and Sunday: 10:00 a.m. to 11 p.m. | Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 12 midnight

  • Tin

    This is the one in Eastwood right? I once checked their menu last week but decided not to dine even thought I wanted some taste of Japanese food. Mahal kasi talaga and good thing I have read your blog first because I suppose to still consider dining here given the budget. :)

  • Ada Lajara

    Yes christeen, this is the one that’s in Eastwood. I have read several negative feedbacks as well from thisrestaurant after posting this. I should have done my research first before dining here

  • Olan Fernandez Emboscado

    Nakakagutom ADA!

  • volvox23

    too bad you had to endure this. :( Might I suggest Jozu-Kin next time? a little less pricey yet more authentic Jap taste :)