Subic Homes, Sweet Home Away from Home

Going to Subic was a trip that I thought was almost impossible for me to chase because 1) I always have a hard time getting permission from my parents every time I go out, and 2) Purita Mirasol was haunting me. But for a person who hungers for adventures, you’d do anything for love. So here, I was able to experience Subic.

Bedrooms at Subic Homes

Subic is roughly 2 1/2 to 3 hours away from the bustling city of Metro. There are lots of sights and activities to do in Subic which made it as the top playground for sports and extreme adventures among families, couples, or group of friends. Subic is also known for its cleanliness, environmental friendly establishments, and the level of self-discipline that people have. That is why some families from Metro Manila and other parts of the country has opted to relocate to Subic and live there.

Planning your visit and getting around Subic is as easy as 1,2,3 once you’ve already settled a place to stay. In this blog, let me give you virtual tour in one of the homey accommodations in Subic Bay which you should consider staying at — the Subic Homes.

Unlike other accommodations in Subic, the proportion of the houses at Subic Homes maybe compared to an American-style community, only cuter version. They offer fully-furnished rental units also known as Vacation Villas equipped with 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms that are perfect for family outings, large groups such as company outings or escapades with friends.

The Kitchen

Utensils and other cooking equipment are kept in the cabinets and countertop. Dishwashing liquid is already provided whenever you feel like washing anything that you think is dirty. Basically, it has complete kitchen amenities.

The kitchen area at Subic Homes

The overall kitchen area at Subic Homes Kitchen area at Subic Homes

The Dining Area

As you can see, it has centralized air-conditioning that could cool the entire floor. When staying here, please do not forget to turn it off when not in use. Subic Homes believes in environmental sustainability.

Dining room at Subic Homes

The Living Room

Living room at Subic Homes

Now let’s go upstairs and check out the bedrooms.

The Bedroom

Since we’re group of six, a 3-bedroom unit was referred to us. There are 2 king-sized bedrooms and a room with twin beds.

Subic Homes

Subic Homes
The master’s bedroom

Subic Homes

Subic Homes
I slept with Mica at the master’s bedroom. Lesbians.

Subic Homes
Since no one was occupying the master’s bedroom yet, we took advantage of it.

Subic Homes
My yaya would love this. Sweet right? (1st floor)

The Bathroom

The unit has 3 toilets, 1 at the 1st floor (no shower), and the other 2 at the 2nd floor. Both have hot and cold shower.

Subic Homes Subic Homes
Left: bathroom for two bedrooms. Right: master’s bathroom

The bathroom at the master’s bedroom was really fascinating though, it has runway. You could imagine yourself having a fashion runway before using the toilet. Awesome.

The neighborhood

Another reason that Subic Homes stands out among other accommodations in Subic Bay is the distance of the houses from each other. You can either respect each other’s privacy or say ‘Hi’ to the boy next door opposite of your unit.

I was actually hoping that a boy next door would show up while I was having a cup of coffee outside, but it seemed that they are always shy.

Subic Homes
Two-storey unit. This is where we stayed.

Subic Homes
The neighborhood at Subic Homes is also perfect for runners and cyclists without worrying about safety.

Subic Homes
Covered garage

Subic Homes
Single-storey unit

Subic Homes
Two-storey unit from a different angle.


Subic Homes is 15 to 20 minutes drive away to the sights of Subic Bay Freeport where most restaurants and malls are situated. Not bad. The place is overall quiet and safe that makes it an ideal location for vacationers seeking serenity. There’s also a convenience store in the neighborhood which is actually good in case of emergency like needing a sanitary pad or an over-the-counter medicine, only that, it is accessible by car. So it is really advisable to bring your own car when staying at Subic Homes.


Top-notch. Being a detail-oriented person, when it comes to a value accommodation like this, a clean and dry toilet is my obsession. As expected, all bathrooms are very clean and smelled nice, and you can actually sleep at the master’s bathroom. No kidding. The kitchen also is an evident to the unit’s overall perfection, no molds and spotless rusts. Scroll up and look at the photos again. Be the judge.

Sleep Quality

I’m not a fan of bouncy bed, and good thing this one isn’t. The bed is pretty firm  (but not too firm) which somehow reduced my lower backache from doing monkey acrobatics at Jest Camp. However, I wish they have an extra pillow to cuddle with instead of stealing your bedmate’s pillow. Muah.


Staffs will serve breakfast straight to your dining table which was very convenient. Around 8 a.m., heard a doorbell and it was them. Then at 8:15 a.m. breakfast is ready. Being senyorita for a day felt nice. The breakfast on that day was rice, spam, and egg, served with coffee, Tropicana orange juice, and water. Two thumbs up for the quality of food.

Services and Amenities

The only con is that there’s no WiFi access in the unit. As a blogger who often has agenda online, access to the internet is very essential to me. Also, calling hubby requires an internet connection. They do have WiFi but it’s only available in their reception area. From there, I couldn’t connect to the internet and do the mushing mushing talk with him since there’s no privacy. Perhaps, it is something that they should offer soon and anything else will be perfect.


For a group of 6, PHP 5,950.00 per night for the whole unit given the cleanliness and coziness is not bad (off-peak season). You can also check out other room rates through their website.

Will you be staying here again?


Do you recommend Subic Homes?

Definitely and I will also recommend Subic Homes to my friends and relatives wishing to bring their family to Subic. I also recommend Subic Homes for team building or company outings.

Subic Homes Lease and Rental Inquiries

Subic Office
#56-A Lansones St., Binictican Heights, Subic Bay Freeport
Telephone: (047) 252-1906/1907
Mobile: 0920-303-2403 | 0923-358-6211 | 0906-207-7402
Fax: (047) 252-2608

Manila Office
Mezzanine Flr., Classica Tower, 114 H.V. Dela Costa St., Salcedo Village Makati City
Telephone: (02) 813-5823/5831
Fax: (02) 813-5835

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