A Walk through Zoobic Safari in Subic Bay + Review

Words can’t explain our summer experience at the one and only Tiger Safari in the Philippines, the Zoobic Safari. So, let me just show you some photos from our Zoobic Safari experience.

The Entrance

Zoobic Safari

Zoobic Safari
Upon entrance, this white tiger kept moving and moving

Zoobic Safari
A 3-month old tiger

Zoobic Safari
Awww! Soo cute!


Zoobic Safari
Colorful birds

Young hornbill

Baby hornbill Young hornbill
Hornbills are known to have prominent long eyelashes which act as sunshade.

Zoobic Safari Zoobic Safari
Feeding birds. It was ticklish!

Project Nim

Spotted Deer
A spotted deer

Albino carabao Zoobic Safari
Carabaos do have albinism too.

A deer without antler. (Antler replacement cycle)

Baby lions zoobic safari
Looks like they found food. (Baby lions).

Puma Zoobic Safari
There’s puma at Zoobic Safari!

Cassowary at Zoobic Safari
Most dangerous bird in the world, cassowary.

Camel Zoobic Safari

Zoobic Safari Zoobic Safari

Zoobic Safari Zoobic Safari


Camel Zoobic Safari
Reuben tamed her.

Miniature horse Zoobic Safari Zoobic Safari
A stylish miniature horse. Find the totoy mola.

Donkey Zoobic Safari
First time to see donkey too.

Sleeping tiger Zoobic Safari
Sleeping tiger. She’s already full.

Zoobic Safari

Zoobic Safari
The highlight of the tour — Tiger Safari

Zoobic Safari

Zoobic Safari
Ostrich’s egg is really thick and big.

Preservation area Zoobic Safari Zoobic Safari
Left: Preservation area. Right: Lion donated from Dubai

Zoobic Safari

The Souvenir Shop

Souvenir shop Zoobic Safari

Souvenir shop Zoobic Safari

Souvenir shop Zoobic Safari
Cutesy! Want some but out of budget.

My Overall Verdict

Tour guide experience: ★★✰✰✰
For me, an attraction that is paid with tour guides should focus on entertaining tourists as well other than the attraction itself. In our case, our tour guide was a lady. She was patient and kind, however, she appeared to be tedious. For me, a tour guide should possess a high energy level, be amusing, knowledgeable, and with sense of humor to keep the guests entertained. I hope this is not true with other tour guides in Zoobic.

Attractions: ★★★★✰
I have been to several zoos (Japan, Singapore, Manila) and I still consider Zoobic Safari a unique experience. Camels, donkey, miniature horse, puma, and an albino carabao were the animals I’ve seen for the first time and most animals are trained. This was the only zoo that so far gave me a close encounter experience with the tigers and its babies. Aetas’ trail was also a memorable experience.

It’s also interesting that most tigers and lions were donated by countries with sovereign monarchs like Saudi Arabia. White tigers used to be pets of princesses of these countries and later donated to Zoobic Safari.

Facilities: ★★★★✰
Bathroom and toilets were clean and zoo-themed which was really fascinating. There were also several food stalls outside and inside the zoo.

The zoo is perfect for the whole family and small kids. I would say visiting the zoo once is enough, unless they will have new attractions. I would like to come back here though since I haven’t tried their Night Safari. I feel that it’s more exciting!

Zoobic Safari

Location: Subic Bay Freeport Zone Group 1, Ilanin Forest, Subic Freeport Zone.
Admission: Php 495 – Adult || Php 395 – Kids 4 ft. and below  || Free – Kids 3 ft. and below || Note: Purchase tickets online to avail 10% discount
Hours of operation: 8 AM to 4 PM Daily including Holidays
Website: zoobic.com.ph

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  • http://profiles.google.com/elal.lasola Elal Jane Lasola

    I love the photo walk through, Ada! Especially the tiger up close shots!

  • http://www.adaphobic.com/ Ada Lajara

    Thanks elal!! Post mo na yung sayo! Woot

  • http://www.senyorita.net/ Micamyx|Senyorita

    Angkyut nung 4th photo parang hindi totoo :)) gusto ko ng Tiger na toy. Bigla ako nung pina-milk yung baby tiger akala ko kakalmutin tayo :))

  • Micole l Philippine Traveler

    Ang ganda ng Photos. I love the Tigers. Hindi kasi kami natuloy ng Family pumunta eh. I heard the Night safari is great talaga.. mas alert ata mga lion sa gabi kesa araw? Great post po!

  • vidasioson

    There’s a camel in Subic? Wow. I’ve been there a lot but I don’t remember being able to touch any camel. Maybe it’s time to go back.

  • http://www.adaphobic.com/ Ada Lajara

    Yes yes! I was my first time to see a camel too, been to several zoos but gulantang ako may camel sa Zoobic. Coolness!

  • http://www.adaphobic.com/ Ada Lajara

    Thanks Micole! Planning to bring my family in Zoobic Night Safari, as I’ve heard mas exciting nga! Pero ipon-ipon muna 😀 HEHE

  • http://www.adaphobic.com/ Ada Lajara

    Buti nga na trim ang kuko! HAHAH! Cute cute noh.

  • pinkangel07

    Hello :) the photos are awesome! naexcite tuloy ako lalo.. We have plan to visit that place this coming June.. but our concern is.. baka super madaming lakaran na mangyari and since we have 3yr old kid.. bka hnd nya kayanin ung mahabang lakaran at magpakarga lng. nabasa ko kc sa ibang blog na mas malayo ung lalakarin kesa dun s distance n nakasakay ka s Tram. Is that true? can you please give me some thoughts regarding this? Thanks! :) God bless!