Let your sporty feet run! World Balance Shoes Giveaway

World Balance Shoes Giveaway

That’s right! World Balance just collaborated with Adaphobic.com to showcase their trendy shoes this summer that’s perfect for running and traveling!

Having an active lifestyle like running or sports activities keeps you healthy and helps slow Alzheimer’s Disease. And when it comes to having a healthy lifestyle, World Balance is your feet’s perfect partner for traveling, cross-training, casual getaways, or even trekking.

World Balance is known for having high quality and durable materials that last longer compared to other brand of shoes and remains top choice for many people because of its trendy style and affordability. World Balance is also a popular brand for sportswear for men, women, teenagers, and kids.

And because of that, World Balance is giving away a pair of trendy running shoes for men and women!

What to Win??!

Left: Endure Shoes for Women   ||   Right: Tactic Shoes for Men

How to Win

  • All you have to do is join the Raffle Copter.
  • The more raffle tickets, the more chance of winning!
  • Promo runs from May 8, 2013 (12 m.n.) to July 8, 2013 (11:59 p.m.)
  • The two (2) lucky winners (1 lady & 1 man) will be announced on July 15, 2013 to allow time to validate.

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  • Jackie miranda

    These will be a cool birthday gift and i’ll use this on my next run –> 1st miriam college nuvali family run on july-21. ^_^

  • Maricel Pagkatipunan Villanuev

    yes, i love running…it makes me feel good! I would love to use it when running with family at a nearby park. Thanks and God bless

  • heartofatigress

    I do love to run! It’s actually a part of my New Year’s resolution. Given a chance to wear World Balance when running, I’d love to bring it to Baguio. With the rainy season, running in the City of Pines would make it more exciting. Just imagine running uphill with rain showers. That would be cool!

  • Vanessa Apal

    I certainly love running.. Recently, I am embracing the healthy lifestyle and I am looking forward for a better life. With running I believe that it is one of the best exercise that I could do.
    In case I will be having a World Balance, I’ll take the shoes with me whenever I go exercise, or I could use it when I’ll go for a stroll. A good pair of shoes is a best choice when you are going out with a sporty attire. :)

  • Karla Motol

    I’d take the shoes whenever I go out to exercise and on long travels so I’d be more comfortable.

  • shandie

    i love running, especially when im running at my favorite sport :) i’ll take it on my school’s sportfest :)

  • http://www.maldita.us/ Dhadha G.

    Honestly, I always feel lazy every time my friends ask me to go with them at the gym or jog in the park. But maybe, if ever I had the chance to win a good pair of shoes, just like World Balance’s, I would definitely start joining my friends in their jogging/running sessions, and who knows I might join marathons too. Hihi. I’d take the shoes during our jogging/running sessions as well as sa travels na rin cguro since it’s comfortable talaga gamitin at hindi masakit sa paa. :)

  • chardsb

    These are nice and quality shoes, i would gladly wear these on marathons.

  • henley

    Yes, I do enjoy running and often joins fun run. Will take my World Balance running shoes to the Abellana sports complex and Ayala Parking space where I usually do my weekend run.

  • kate raymundo

    I love running. If I’ll win this I will challenge myself into a mountain trail run. – wherever.

  • Emmanuel James Rigonan

    I love running and I’ll take my World Balance shoes in anywhere I go.

  • Jessica Cynch D. Rigonan

    Yes, I do love running to have a healthy and active lifestyle. I’ll take it to a place that is fun to run.

  • Andrea Nang

    I wanted to start a healthy lifestyle by starting to go jogging!

  • Christina Presnell

    I love running on RedTop Mountain.. Along the trails.. :)

  • Elie Udasco

    Yes, I do love running! I would like to take my World Balance running shoes every morning on the hills where I used to go jogging every weekends… 😉

  • Julie-Ann Sta. Ines

    Do you love running? Yes..!!

    Where would you take your World Balance running shoes? In a marathon..!!

  • bmangaliman

    I really really love running.

    I will take this World Balance shoes to the upcoming Milo Run on July 29.

  • apollo cending

    I love running and I will definitely use it my every jogging activity.

  • Bernadette Mangaliman

    I love running so much. I gotta take this comfy shoes on my jogging sessions.

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