Air Travel: Still the Fastest and Safest Way to get to your Holidays

Elaborately planned holidays or last minute business trips, air travel is still the fastest way to reach a specific destination and despite being the most expensive, the demand for air tickets rarely seem to go down. With several travel agents and holiday planners to oneā€™s rescue and online reservations now being possible, it is quite easy to beat the long queues at the reservation desks, especially during the holiday and festival rush. There are, however, few enthusiasts who prefer to personally book their air-tickets at the bustling air terminals – probably an ideal way to begin a much-awaited holiday.

From the window

All of us are well aware of the benefits of travelling by air. While most adults find air travel comfortable, convenient, and less time-consuming – children are thrilled by the simple fact that they are off terra-firma. Flights are the most preferred mode of transport, as they have a wider reach than other modes of transport, thereby allowing travellers to get to remote and exclusive holiday locations in any part of the world in the least possible timeframe. This reduction in travel time allows travellers more quality time to spend with their family and friends at the select destination.

Flying into one of the two major terminals here at Kingston or Montego Bay directly from the US, Europe or Canada is quite easy, given the number of direct flights to this most popular and largest Island destination of the Caribbean.

Jamaica, famous for its beaches and resorts, is also accessible by water, often being visited by cruise ships on their travel routes. Ships usually dock at the most popular ports, staying over for a short time before resuming their intended journey. Cruises are for casual travellers with lots of spare time on hand. This island also welcomes private yachts, chartered ships, and catamarans from neighbouring islands, enabling the elite and adventurous to enjoy their Jamaican holiday in style.

Flights are indeed reported to be the safest mode of holiday travel, with minimal disasters considering the number of passengers they carry during the season. Round trips, off-season travel and advance bookings are the usual ways to save money while flying in for a Jamaican holiday. Off-season discounts, however, have conditions attached.

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  • Peter Lee

    Air Travel is the most convenient way and the fastest way to travel across globe. Air travel is more common, easier and affordable than ever before. Air transport is regarded as the only means of transport in those areas which are not easily accessible to other modes of transport. It is therefore accessible to all areas regardless the obstruction of land.

  • The Airline

    Hi Ada,

    Of course air travel is the fastest and safest way to travel but all airlines are not equal. Careful to choose the right one!
    So, do you have some addresses that are worth visiting in Jamaica that are not included in the travel guides? Beaches, secret coves, typical neighborhoods, friendly bars, beautiful landscapes hidden,… Thanks! ^^
    Just one last question : why ‘adaphobic’? Are you phobic of air travel? Because, you know, air travel is the fastest and safest way to enjoy the Earth… šŸ˜‰

    All the best to you and your website.

  • Ada

    Hi!! HAHA! I’m not really sure why I named my blog Adaphobic, but maybe I’m afraid of the unknown? HAHA! Thanks for dropping by šŸ˜€ By the way, I forgot to mention in this blog post that is actually a guest post, so sorry if I don’t know anything about Jamaica.

  • The Airline

    :) Thanks for your answer. No problem for Jamaica, I’ll discover the island by myself!

    See you soon, around the Earth, maybe…