Nightmare with Bed Bugs while Traveling

We had a team building in Morong, Bataan and stayed in a dorm room. When I went home, I noticed the frequent itchiness of upper arms and thighs. At first, I thought I was just allergic to my new whitening soap, so I stopped using it for a week, but itchiness was still present after that. I still got rashes like beehives especially under my thighs! It was gross.

Allergy Bed Bugs
Weird rashes

So, it wasn’t my soap. I later found out that it wasnโ€™t just me who experienced itching but some of my co-workers too. All of a sudden, I remembered that I put my all of my things on top of our bed and started to realize that bed bugs possibly crawled my backpack and invaded my cozy bedroom when I went home. Until now, I experience itchiness from time to time.
Bed Bugs while Traveling
I decided to do a general cleaning of my room, and while I was on the process of sweeping the floor, I saw numerous tiny bugs coming from my backpack so I vacuumed it. I started to realize that bed bugs donโ€™t just love beds but bags and other inanimate objects.

Here’s my 4-Month battle with bed bugs:


Traveled to Morong, Batan (Team building)

May to June

Mild itchiness started.
Ignored the sensation thinking my skin was just trying to adjust to my new whitening soap.


Noticed a gross beehive rashes under my things.
Did a general cleaning as realized that itchiness was no longer normal and becoming intense.
Took anti-allergic medication.


Itching became extreme to the point of taking a bath twice a day.
Started itching at work as well and realized that it invaded my clothing.
Started vacuuming the floor instead of sweeping.
Sprayed Baygon


Occasional to mild itchiness; sprayed Baygon again

Present time

Itchiness gone, though with occasional rashes.

Note: Spraying Baygon was just suggested by my father.

Upon thorough researching, bed bugs loves beds in hostels or dorms. Although, be careful of hotels too, as lately, there were tourists which reportedly died in one of the hotels in Chiang Mai, Thailand which linked to bed bugs pesticide poisoning.

How about you? Have bitten by a bed bug in one of your travels?

Photo of 3-D bed and bag from Wikihow.

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  • Aleah |

    OMG You suffered that long? I’m used to staying in hostels and basically anywhere cheap, but thankfully I had never been a victim of a bedbug-infested accommodation. I suggest you write a review of that place in TripAdvisor. So not good!

  • leandra

    ay grabe talaga ang mga yan. at mahirap tlga silang puksain! (>_<)

    hanggang ngayon need namin mag general cleaning weekly / every two weeks to make sure indi na sila muling lumaganap. white ung mga itlog mahirap makita pag white beddings. haist.

  • Ada

    Unfortunately yes! :-( I shouldn’t be itching right now as most beds has it. So I think I also developed allergies from them :-(

  • Micamyx|Senyorita

    Hala baka bed bugs itong pumutakti sa balat ko T_T

  • Ada

    I’ve seen them up close, they look gross din at tumatalon ate!!

  • Ada

    Anu chura?

  • josh uy

    taaaraaayy… whitening soap… ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Ada

    HOY HAHAHAH!! At Whitening soap talaga napansin mo?

  • Mark

    Bed bugs! Yuck. When staying anywhere never put your bag on the bed, always on the floor, and when you get home the same applies. And once home check all the seams on your bag etc. Also check your mattress, if you find any evidence of them , such as dark stains, get an iron, hot and run it over the seams , it will smell horrible, and you will hear popping but it kills them. The problem with bedbugs is they nest inside the mattress and so you cant see or affect them by spraying. And finally, Miss Ada, why are you using whitening soap? You are smarter than that ๐Ÿ˜› .

  • Ayngelina

    I got bed bugs in Phnom Penh in Cambodia and I didn`t realize until a year later. I saw the clear sign of rust marks on the sheets but I thought it was rust. One night there and I thought I had crazy mosquito bites in a line up my back and then I realized a year later I had classic bed bug bites.

  • melvin

    mahirap maalis ang mga have to really get rid of your matress to totally get rid of them as well.

  • leandra

    aray ko tumatalon!?! indi ko nakikitang tumalon pero ambilis tumakbo…. pak! nakakapraning! = p

  • leandra

    ahahahahaha… dami kong tawa dine, no offense pero, :)

  • Cat Ospina

    Oh I HATE bed bugs…
    I had them while living in the States and they are a terrible plague and it is really complicated to get rid of them.
    In my case i had to buy a new mattresses (check yours as sometimes they live INSIDE and it is really hard to kill them) and spray the room with all kind of products. I wasn’t able to sleep in my bedroom for two nights in order to make sure all the “chemicals” killed the bed bugs but not me ๐Ÿ˜›

    For the bites… the best tip I’ve ever received (from a doctor) is to put hot water (as hot as you can resist) on them. That will stop the itching and you won’t harm your skin by scratching it too much.

  • Ada

    Aw that’s terrible! I haven’t tried checking my mattress yet I know I will gross out!!

  • Janina

    I was victimized by bedbugs when we stayed at a motel in Liverpool. We didn’t plan on staying overnight, but we missed the last train back to London. Lesson learned: never stay someplace that wasn’t recommended or wasn’t well researched. Grabe, even when the rashes were gone, I felt like there were still phantom bedbugs everywhere! Nakakapraning.

  • Willie

    re: bedbugs

    one of the cheapest way of getting rid of bed bugs is to spray (if you can get hold of hand-held sprayers) the undersides of beds and mattresses with kerosene… just be sure there’s no open flame nearby… it’s effective against bed bugs… the rind of a ripe langka (after you have eaten the flesh) will also drive them away …just put it under the bed… bed bugs will transfer to other places….

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