Adaphobic’s Best Posts & Photos of 2012 — a year-end highlight

Most travel bloggers would write their year-end post in “Where I have been in 2012″ style. Kudos to you guys for achieving your goal for this year! But I decided to do something that’s off the hook.

I have been blogging at for 4 years now but it’ll be my first time to craft a year-end post. So instead of lionizing my 2012 trips, I decided to look back and bestow my year-end post to Best Posts and Photos of 2012.

Best Posts of 2012

Statistics are based on number of comments and page views at the time the post was published. Here are my blog’s best post of 2012 in no particular order:

What locals think about Filipinos: A night of solo backpacking in Singapore

solo backpacking in Singapore

Whenever we travel abroad or to a foreign country, locals or people who live there have different views about the Philippines or Filipinos. For Cambodians, they would think of Manny PacquiaoGermans, cock fight tournament; Nepalese view Filipinos as great singer; while Indonesians would think of Christian Bautista; and French, The Philippines has the sweetest pineapple.

And so and so forth. But when I traveled to Singapore, I was delighted when locals I’ve met view Filipinos as Professionals and brilliant in certain fields.

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17 things to know about El Nido

El Nido girl

I traveled to El Nido alone and lived like a local for 5 days. Thanks to the family who hosted my stay there, I’ve learned a lot about El Nido which other travelers may never know.

That’s why I created a blog post about 17 things about El Nido to help potential tourists or travelers be aware of what really lies in this beautiful paradise of Luzon.

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Why should we go on Micro Vacations?

Why should we go on Micro Vacations

Taking Micro Vacation will save us from burn-outs due to our full-time jobs. In this post, I’ve listed some micro vacation ideas that perhaps could help you refresh and revitalize to keep you on top of the game. Trying out new coffee shop or restaurant in your town is considered as micro vacation.

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Make your travel photos look great: Delete Photobombers

Delete Photobombers

This was my first photography tutorial on my blog. It was about deleting extra annoying person in your photos or also known as “photobombers.” Using photoshop, here a quick step-by-step guide on how to get rid of them.

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7 Things I hate about some travel blogs

Facebook Popup

Perhaps the most controversial blog post I’ve made? I gathered more haters than having fans after blogging about the 7 things which annoys me the most in travel blogs. There are some who took it serious and some just made fun of it. It really depends on the reader.

I am not perfect but we must admit that there are things which annoy and sometimes, we needed to express and release it. That’s what blogs are for.

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Compilation of Cheap Accommodations in El Nido

Cheap Accommodations in El Nido

Everyday I’ve been receiving hits from forums and search engines pointing them to this blog post. I created this to help travelers to choose the right accommodation in El Nido without compromising their pockets.

See the complete list here →

Best Places to go in Bolinao, Pangasinan

Bolinao, Pangasinan

Patar White beach, Cape Bolinao Lighthouse, Rock View beach, etc. I have been to Bolinao maybe twice this year but I will never get tired of coming back to this hidden bliss. Learn more about interesting places to go in Bolinao →

Best Photos of 2012

In this part, I decided to feature my top photos from 2012 which garnered the most number of views and “Likes” from Adaphobic’s Facebook Fan Page and personal account in no particular order:

A close encounter with the largest and longest Python

Largest Python in the Philippines, Prony

Most comments I received from my friends and readers when they saw this was I being brave. Some got Goosebumps and some were surprised that this python is still alive and kicking in the small town of Albuquerque in Bohol. Read my python encounter →

An Authentic Indian Cuisine Experience

Rani Indian Restaurant

My fiancé took this photo inside an Indian Restaurant near where he lives. I was surprised when I opened my Facebook and gained a number of Likes and comments saying that the Nan bread I was eating was huge and looks delicious. Read about this restaurant →

Nacpan and Calitang Beach in El Nido

Nacpan and Calitang Beach, El Nido

No one can ever ignore this beautiful beach situated in a small Brgy. in El Nido. The journey I took while going to this pristine beach was rough and challenging, but after all, the experience and the view were worth it. Read this post →

Mt. Pinatubo’s crater

Mt. Pinatubo 15

Traveling to Mt. Pinatubo with 29 travel bloggers was actually my first trip ever in the year 2012. It was January and the weather subsidized our trekking to the crater. Read more about Mt. Pinatubo 

The Hidden Lagoon in El Nido, Palawan

The Secret Lagoon, El Nido

Many were stunned with the photos I took from the beautiful lagoons of El Nido Island Hopping Tour A. It gained more Likes than my Tour C album. Memories of my journey to this beautiful paradise are still fresh and I wanted them to be that way forever until I tell to my cute kids. View full El Nido Tour A album →

My bikini shot when I traveled alone in El Nido

The Secret Lagoon, El Nido

I took this photo in the Hidden Lagoon, which was part of tour A. No one was around that time and there was an upside down boat stranded there which I used as an alternative to tripod. I posted it on my Facebook wall with description, “My last day in this beautiful paradise. Will be right back with my sweetie soon” before I left El Nido.

I was surprised that it gained a number of Likes when I got back in Manila and some bombarded me with questions in my inbox on how to get there the cheapest way or how I managed to travel alone in El Nido. Read how I budget my El Nido travel →

Spring in Ueno Park and Zoo in Tokyo, Japan

Ueno Park and Zoo, Tokyo

First time I went to Japan was April 2012 and it was Spring season. I was like a kid jumping for joy when I saw the cherry blossom for the very first time. I only see that in anime and TV but seeing the tree in flesh was one of a kind. More photos of Ueno Park and Zoo →

Autumn afternoon in Marunouchi District, Tokyo

Autumn afternoon in Marunouchi District, Tokyo

This photo has gained a lot of views and Facebook Likes as well when I featured in my Fan Page. It was my second visit in Japan when my fiancé and I have been around the Tokyo area a lot of times and we will not do that again. Heck it’s expensive. Read more about this district →

The Bridal Veil Waterfall in Kennon Road, Baguio

Careful not to fall

A lot of people are aware that I am getting married soon and my photo with this beautiful waterfall in Baguio gained a number of audiences and Likes. Perhaps, they were able to relate the Bridal Veil to my upcoming wedding. Read more about this post →

The Azalea Residences photos in Baguio

Azalea Residences

I was surprised with how my shots in Azalea resulted in nice and clean colors. You can view more photos and read my experience →

My first Lookbook

The Lookbook

This may not be related to travel but decided to include this as one of my best (camwhore) photos. Friends, relatives, and readers know me as a sporty or cowboy chic. I never wear dress unless on special occasions. So when I bought this dress from a former coworker, I took a photo of myself wearing it and surprised that I looked adorable on it.

When I posted it online, it gained lots of Likes on Facebook but only 2 HYPEs on Lookbook HAHA; I guess people were shocked as well upon seeing me wearing dress. Visit the Lookbook photo →

Some may notice that 2012 was my least traveled year, but for me, it was a huge year: I explored to La Mesa Eco Park, visited Japan twice, trekked Mt. Pinatubo,  became engaged to my long time boyfriend, revisited Bataan, had nightmare with bed bugs, swam with the whale sharks, experienced the fun in Splash Island, saw the Chocolate Hills, traveled to El Nido alone, resigned from my corporate job, and revisited Baguio.

More plans for 2013!

For the first quarter of year 2013, I have to set traveling aside to prioritize the Big day but that doesn’t mean that I will say goodbye to Adaphobic travel blog. Hence, I am cooking a strategy in transforming this blog to focus more about “the Philippines,” its people, and culture.

There is also a strong possibility that I will be moving to Japan this year and might stay there for 2 to 3 years which I most probably be opening up another blog solely about Japan. An old friend of mine also recently got in touch with me about the possibility of putting up an offline business as well, so watch out for it as well.

To all my faithful readers (as if I have), thank you so much for supporting in travels. You’re the reason she’s up and running. Have a Prosperous New Year!!

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    Thanks. very informative. continue the good work.

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    As usual great images. How many photobombers have you killed este deleted? Looks like a fun year + Japan pa wow! Happy new year and I hear wedding bells for you in 2013 :)

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    I lost count murdered lots of them =)) Happy New Year as well Marky, you’re one of the travelers I look up to and inspired me to travel the unknown further soon. 😉

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    Thanks Aleah! After that I learned to shop for dresses, but not really comfortable wearing them in Manila, kelangan sa lugar na walang nakakakilala saken haha!!

    Happy New Year Aleah!!

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    I agree with micro vacations. They definitely help relieve any stir craziness