Beware of fake (popular) travel bloggers and posers

Please beware of people who are posing to be my “cousin” or my “friend,” or even claiming to be a popular travel blogger.

Last week, I received an SMS from my compadre, a tour guide who’s based in Guimaras. He told me that he just gave a big discount to someone who claimed to be a “popular traveler blogger” and a “friend” of mine who visited and toured Guimaras last week.

Compadre: Comadre! How are you? Do you know J.H.P?  She went here yesterday and gave her a discount because she told me you are friends. She also told me that she’s a popular travel blogger.

Me: Yes I know her, but we are NOT friends and most of all she’s NOT popular. Please be careful next time and text me prior to giving someone a discount. There are lots of people now who are posing to be someone.

Compadre: WOAH. One time I gave discount to someone who claimed to be your “cousin.” Don’t worry next time. I’ll be more careful and will text to confirm.

Me: WHAT? None of my cousins went to Guimaras! Alright, now be extra careful and always text me if someone is trying to fool you.

ADAPHOBIC.COM is committed to a budget friendly traveling but never did an outrageous form of haggling as this blog commits to helping locals earn a decent living.

It’s so sad to hear that there are now people who pose to be my “friend” or a relative of mine just to have a travel or tour discount in the said tourist spot and even claiming to be a popular blogger. This blog is NEVER connected to any blogger or to anyone who voluntarily ask for travel discounts or deals to a company or any travel services.

If you believe that someone is trying to pose to be connected to me, please verify his/her identity this by sending me an email or Tweeting me at @adaphobic.

Update: I just found out that and was victimized by the same type of modus. However, in their case, fakers claimed that they were a representative or connected to them.

  • markyramonego

    Ako when I travel I don’t introduce myself as a travel blogger nor do I ask for discounts and special treatment. Yung iba who introduce themselves as travel bloggers, nothing wrong with it also, as long as they don’t use it to get freebies, and worse yung mg panggap na travel bloggers pero di naman pala.

  • Ada Lajara

    Agree with you Marky. This person is indeed a travel blogger however, claiming that she’s a ‘popular’ one just to get a huge discount is no longer acceptable. And yea, I already encountered a family who was able to stay in a hotel for free because they said they own a blog. But when I check the blog, it was under construction and it was just registered that month. The padre de familia must be very smart in doing doing sales talk.

  • Mach

    I was once tempted to test the waters, so to speak, just to see if they’d take the bait by deliberately telling them I’m a travel blogger but unfortunately such a designation-cum-label didn’t mean anything to them so I didn’t get any special treatment, which was good because when a hotel/resort owner gets too patronizing, you also tend to get biased.

  • Ada Lajara

    It is sad that blogging has become a great tool for deceiving. And if ever get invited or sponsored, we should disclose it on our posts to avoided theses biases.

  • Darwin Cayetano

    sino sya?? kay Kuya Cherald ba sya nagpa-tour?

  • Shugah Pauline Diez Gonzales

    this is so bad.. I wish they dont use blogging as a tool to get freebies or anything. ;/ anyway, pretty sure karma will strike them twice,thrice as hard as what they did..

  • Ada Lajara

    Yes, with Kuya Cherald

  • Ada Lajara

    I know one blog who just blog about hotels :-) Mainly, to stay at hotels for free, to think, he’s the one contacting the said hotel. So yea, bloggers who uses blogging as a way of opportunity is now getting blatant.

  • makati hotels

    not good, not good. Its good you’re letting people know…

  • Ada Lajara

    If you’re a rep from Makati Hotels, beware of some travel bloggers claiming to be a “top blogger” offering you a review of your hotel in exchange of a stay in your hotel. Talamak na sila :-)