A Life Filled with Travels while having a Full­-Time Job?

Kaiz Galang of missbackpacker.info is just one of the travel bloggers I look up to even before we first met in flesh in Mt. Pinatubo, and I knew this girl loves mountaineering, a hobby that I would like to pursue as well soon. But my curiosity about her had grown more from the time I found out we are working in the same company.

How come she travels often while having a full-time job? Why can’t I? And I started admiring her more. She’s the perfect epitome of a woman who knows how to balance work and passion for traveling while also being married. That traveling regularly is possible without quitting your full-time job. How? Be inspired with my exclusive interview with Kaiz.

Can you tell us your present full­-time job? How long have you been working there? ­

“I am a Technical Writer, someone who creates contents of a Q&A-­type support website. How long? That just reminds me that I have been with my BPO company for six years now. Whoa!”

Kaiz Belga Kaiz Belga

You’re a monster girl! How do you manage to squeeze in your travels between your working days? And my gawd, you really blog regularly!

“I am Chuck Norris’ daughter. Jk. I only have eight paid vacation leaves each year. Tight, huh? Yes. But flawless planning is the answer. I make sure that if I have both time and budget, I go hiking or a 2-­day trip kind. If I only have time but no money, I stay at home, drink, and read travelogues that will help me with my next trip. Then if I just have the budget but have a handful of activities, I spend the moolah (money) buying plane tickets or beer. And please, excuse my humility but I am just an occasional blogger who writes whenever she wants to rant. :p”

Who do you often travel with? Have you traveled with your coworkers before?

“Luckily, me and my husband, Rowjie, share the same passion for any outdoor activities. If I feel like going somewhere, I’d just tell him that I have already booked us a flight to wherever it is. Haha. So it isn’t really difficult for me to find someone who I can drag to places. And yes, I’ve been to quite a few provinces with my colleagues. Thanks to team building and outings brought about by random drunk talks.”

Kaiz Belga

Have you ever convinced or influenced someone from your office to travel? How did you do that and where did he/she go?

­ I consider mountaineering not just a sports but also a form of traveling. When people from the office learned that my husband and I enjoy hiking, they got intrigued. We shared with them our stories and experiences while mountain climbing. Then they started joining us in our hiking activities. The next thing we knew, they’d organized their own mountaineering trips. We can proudly say that we triggered the mountaineering bandwagon here in our workplace.

What was/were your longest trips and how many days was that? I bet you had a “travel hangover” as you had to go to work after! Did yah?!

“Rowjie and I went on a Southeast Asia trip last year for 14 days. Seasoned travelers may just laugh at us but, so far and considering the 8­day paid vacation leaves that I have to use wisely, it was the longest we’d been on the road. I wished we were rich that I needed not to go back to work. Sigh. But it did. Though I recall a friend saying, that the best cure to a travel hangover aka post-­travel depression is planning your next trip.”

Kaiz Belga

What can you say about people quitting their job just to travel the world or other parts of the world?

“Hats off to people who chose ragged yet comfy clothes than corporate attires. Quitting a secured job is one thing, being away with your family and friends is another. To those few I know of living a nomadic life for the love of travel, please don’t refuse if I ask for your autograph and/or a photo with you. I am a fan.”

Will you be one of them someday? If yes, what will make you decide to finally quit your job and travel?

“I’ve always admired travelers who bravely left their stable careers to see the rest of the world and I, too, dream of becoming one someday. If they can do it, why can’t I? But right now, quitting my job is close to impossible as I have other priorities I regard higher than traveling; like assisting a sibling with his school needs. When the time comes that I’d be free of any major responsibilities, you’ll be the one of the firsts to know.”

Kaiz Belga

Can you share where will you be traveling this year? How about next year?

“Being the queen beach that I am, I already did Apo Island in Mindoro, Calaguas and Bagasbas in Camarines Norte, Boracay in Aklan, and Coron in Palawan during the first half of the year. Of course, never abandoning my first love, mountaineering, I’ve hiked quite a few mountains too. This September, me and Rowjie are set on a 6-­week travel sesh with some of our closest friends. Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal, and Thailand are on our list. Next year, may be a different case as me and Rowjie are already in the talks of extending our duo into a trio but I am REALLY aiming to visit Brazil for the World Cup.”

Kaiz Belga

Give us some tips to having a travel-­filled lifestyle while having a full-­time work.

“Having a full­-time work has its pros and cons one is that you earn a lot but it limits your time to travel. Plan ahead is what I suggest to everyone who’s in the same shoe as I am. Spontaneous trips are more exciting but for those who work 8 hours each day/5 days a week, it’s difficult. Plan your trip for next year as early as now, take advantage of the promos of the airline companies. That way, you just not save a hefty amount of money, it buys you more time research on how you can make your trip wonderful yet inexpensive.”

Any message to our aspiring backpackers reading right now?

“Life is short. Grab a beer, read my travel blog, and start planning your oh­sum trip now. And, please read Ada’s travelogue too. She’s an idol. ☺”


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