Studying and Learning English: One of the top reasons why people travel to London

Previously at work, I conducted a little research on how my workmates learn English (since we work in a corporate environment with global customers) and it turned out that reading and watching English TV shows were on top of the list. Others highlighted that traveling abroad with English as an official language is also a great way to learn English.

I also did a little research of what’s the best way of learning English and it turned out that traveling abroad is always on top of the advices. Kaplan International Colleges recently released an Infographic on how people learn English.

Studying and Learning English in LondonBased on the Infographic, watching TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S is one of the best ways to help them learn English. People who said watching Harry Potter movies helped them learn English were most likely want to travel UK, or London to learn the language. -Kaplan

Studying English in London

There are also people who travel abroad to study English. I remember speaking to a friend who is currently enrolled to an English school in London. He’s originally from Spain (he only speaks Spanish) but moved to UK to study English. He also likes having conversation with me as a way of learning English as well. When I asked him why London?

He then told me that it is the home of English language and an exciting place to live too as it is rich in culture and history. He also mentioned that a chance to work while studying is also one of the opportunities that are being offered by schools and government there. This is one of the reflections to a recent study presenting 600,000 people are traveling to UK to learn English every year.

On the other hand, it seems that it will be years for me to get to London unless under special circumstance. But if given the chance to travel and stay in London for long, I would definitely look for an English School in London while indulging myself to its culture and great attractions.